Manchester City strategy and place in world football

Looks like Man City will have same problems for third time. After winning Premier league City again they don’t improve quality of a squad, fix obvious weaknesses of a team that will hurt its chances to defend a title and more importantly to reach a level of Barcelona and Real Madrid to compete on regular basis for Champion League. Absence in the team attacker that can play in multiple positions on world class level and great central midfielder made team vulnerable to the press which was exploited in Champions League by Liverpool and end team dreams about winning Premier League and Champions League in the same season. If club inactivity in 2014 we can explain because of FFP sanctions, 2012 and this year reason for club lack of transfer activity is Man City board complacency. Club attempted lately to sign Jorginho, Fred to address midfield problem and Alexis Sanchez, Mbappe to increase talent level of attack and have more ways to hurt opposition but refused to pay required fees and salaries thinking that they were too expensive. Man City board new philosophy is that they only pay certain amount for players no higher than 60-70 million pounds and players must want to play only for Manchester City, if other clubs made players better financial offers players must refuse them and club will not improve initial package to match them. This is great philosophy on paper but it makes team weaker and doesn’t allow coach to fully implement his ideas on football pitch. Great talent of Pep Guardiola was enough to win Premier league and reach 100 points but in second half of season level of football significantly dropped, because lack of depth in midfield and attack De Bruyne, Fernandino, Sane played almost all games and were tired. Fernandinho weaknesses in passing, Sane in  tight spaces became obvious against Liverpool and were one of main reasons why club lost 5-1 in Champions League Quarter Finals. Transfer of Mahrez will help team to attack in more ways and to rest for others players. Algerian is good player who can play on multiple positions but hardly he will elevate club to a new level and allow to compete against Europe best.  Absence in team player of Golden Ball talent level damages team chances to become European Giant. Club is more consumed by PR in media than building squad of required quality. New portrayal of club in press hardly will make it more attractive to the players and help win trophies. Without willingness to pay big money for transfers and players salaries club will not be able to win Champions league. Best example of shortcomings of this philosophy is Bayern Munich which didn’t compete for best players in the world since Champions League win in 2013 and as result allowed Barcelona, Real Madrid with transfers of Bale, Neymar and Suarez to overtake itself. PSG with world record buys of Mbappe, Neymar in short and medium term and is best positioned club to win Champions League with latest evidence of need to pay the big amount of money to compete for all trophies. Juventus transfer of Ronaldo shows club that reaching Champions League final two times in the last four years recognizes need for game changer to win European trophy and player that will help increase its popularity and revenues. If Man City continues with current strategy and buys only players for certain prices it will have little chances to reach level of success of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Best hope for the club at the moment is that in academy will be such player as Messi, Ronaldo level and he will lead team to Champions League glory which is highly unlikely. Man City must change its transfer strategy or accept its place as second tier club in Europe with limited capacity to reach level popularity and revenues of Real Madrid and Barcelona that ensures long term future of the club.



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