Arsenal Man City post match analysis

In first game of a season Man City changed tactical system comparing to last season from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2. In new formation full backs instead of wingers are responsible for providing width Mendy, Walker overlapped and crossed balls while wingers Sterling, Mahrez played more inside. Mendy in build up played delph role tucked inside and helped overcome arsenal press, meanwhile Walker together with Stones, Laporte created 3 man defense. French full back was successful in attacking aspect of his role providing two assists, but looked uncomfortable in central areas of pitch which resulted in loss of possessions and creation dangerous situations by Arsenal. Also were evident Fernandinho weaknesses under pressure which with Gundogan inability to influence game in number 8 position made tough for City to create good goal scoring opportunities, two best chances of the game were created as result of free kick and counterattack after Arsenal player missing ball  with Aguero having 1 on 1 situation against Cech. Main positive of the game was that without De Bruyne, David Silva and Sane Man City still managed to win the game showing new attributes of team but as last two years this game showed that Gundogan is not good enough in number 8 position as substitute for De Bruyne, Silva and level of team performances suffered significantly as a result. German is at his best in Man City as number 6 and can be used as cover for Fernandinho providing qualities in midfield in terms of passing, press resistance that Brazilian can’t do. Sterling played in new position compared to last season on left wing, he continued to play on high level as in the last season, scored goal and was dangerous when Arsenal defended deep. New CBs partnership Stones, Laporte had great game, they gave team new dimension in passing and were successful defending in big spaces against Arsenal. This game showed were Man City can become different, better with Mendy can make team more dangerous, providing new tools to attack, Stones and Laporte with their passing can help to control the ball. But also some familiar weaknesses were showed as well, lack of link up play by Aguero, Fernandinho problems dealing with opponents press and Gundogan lack of effectiveness in number 8 role which gave team problems to control the game and create many good chances. In team there are two players competing for starting spot, the formation team plays givehopes that two Man City youngsters Foden and Brahim Diaz will see more playing time, with Foden playing as substitute for Silva, De Bruyne given Gundogan weaknesses there and Brahim as substitute for Sterling on left wing if Guardiola continuous to insists that Mendy will be responsible for providing width and Sane will compete with Mahrez for the right wing spot. This season we can expect team to use new ways of attack, passing , defending in a way to win the second title in a row.


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