Man City player tries to force transfer

According to Estadio Deportivo Ukrainian midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko has appealed to Manchester City to let him go to Real Betis to continue his development at a club that will trust and play him. Man City want permanent sale of around 15 million pounds for player. Earlier he refused to go to Wolverhampton for similar fee..

Man City coach commented on Var

Pep Guardiola after match said ''It's not my business. The Premier League will decide. When they decide, VAR will be here." Premier league on of a top leagues that doesn't have Var''. Last season Man City supported implementation of Var but others clubs including Man Utd, Chelsea were against it.  

Pep Gurdiola comments on team performance

In post match interview Man City coach said ''We missed simple passes. When you miss simple passes it's impossible. We created enough chances against a team with 10 behind [the ball]. It's a good point.We will improve. Defensively we were not solid like we normally are. Every game we learn for the next one."  

Man City shows familiar weaknesses

In away game against Wolverhampton Manchester City weren't able to show their usual level of performance. Pep Guardiola choice of starting line up was bizarre and problems which it created were extremely easy to predict. Vincent Kompany again showed lack of composure, passing and technical ability. Belgian committed stupid fouls, lost ball when he wasn't... Continue Reading →

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