Man City get easy win

In home game against Fulham Man City get 3-0 win in which they easily could and should have scored at least two more goals. Pep Guardiola used 4-3-3 against London side, club wingers Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling played in positions that they used to play last season. English winger played on right wing and German on left wing, Sterling started this season on left wing. The only difference with the last season was that in De Bruyne position because of his injury played Bernardo Silva. Man City full backs Delph, Walker like last season played more inside and rarely overlapped, their role was to stop opposition counterattacks and help Fernandinho. Man City center backs Otamendi and Laporte were very good in defense and helped to play through Fulham occasional press without problems. Fernandinho played his best game of a season, he was key in first goal with his interception and assisted at 2nd minute of the game for Leroy Sane. Also Brazilian was very good in distribution and stopping Fulham attacks. Man City two attacking midfielders David and Bernardo Silva played close to City wingers, created overloads and made short passes with them. Occasionally they switched positions and Bernardo Silva played little bit more centrally than David Silva. Portuguese showed that he is much more suitable playing as number 8 or 10 than winger position and was deservedly named Man of the Match. Sane and Sterling were responsible for providing width and stretching Fulham defense. German was playing closer to touchline than Sterling, occasionally English winger played more centrally. Their two goals came from six yard boxes after quick attacks. Sane was more reliant on David Silva passing to provide threat, Sterling more often was able to threat opposition without help of Bernardo Silva. Sergio Aguero showed sharpness, provided assist for Sterling goal and dropped deeper to link up with the rest of the team. Argentinian clearly became more adaptable to Guardiola demands but light injury forced to change him for Gabriel Jesus at start of the second half. Brazilian wasted one great chance but also created great one for Bernardo and was good at pressing of opposition and link up play. It is hard to drew any long term conclusion from this game given how poor Fulham showed to be in defense at the start of season. First real test Man City will face in game against Liverpool in October, then we will get more answers to our questions and doubts about team strengths.


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