Man City continue Premier League winning streak

Man City won four league games in a row against Brighton at home without facing any serious problems. For Man City as left back started Zinchenko because of Delph injury and Mendy suspension for one week by Guardiola. Man City played when they had the ball 2-3-5 with Zinchenko, Walker played as inverted full backs helping Fernandinho to stop counterattacks and move ball to attacking players. On numerous occasions Zinchenko and Walker played long balls to other flank for isolated Sane, Sterling to penetrate Brighton defense. Largely Man City attacked wide and best chances were created from wide positions with exception of Aguero goal. David Silva played closer to Sane and played one twos with German winger that helped to enter in the box. Bernardo Silva played closer to Sterling but largely Portuguese midfielder was ineffective in this game. He wasn’t able to connect with Sterling on regular basis or with Aguero. Sane, Sterling played close to touchlines and made successful dribbling on numerous occasions but their final balls were inaccurate most of the time. Aguero often dropped deep to receive ball and combine with teammates. Argentinian striker often was isolated and didn’t have enough support in the box when team made numerous crosses. Aguero goal was result of his individual quality when he dribbled past numerous Brighton players and received one touch pass from Sterling. First Man City goal was result of quick counterattack when Brighton lost the ball in middle of a pitch Aguero received ball, made quick run, passed to Sane who supported attack from wide position and German made pass to Sterling for easy tap in after Englishman made quick run inside six yard box. Only danger from Brighton came when they attacked Walker flank and made crosses from there. Man City totally dominated game, enjoyed more than 80 percent of possession, made 28 shots and allowed only 4 shots. Worrying thing for City must be that quality of chances was pretty low and two goals came after two quick attack when Brighton lost balls. When City tried to create chances against opponent deep block their largely failed, with only one positional attack in game resulted in couple dangerous shots in a row. Man City get comfortable win but still team has big room for improvement.



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