Man City overcome Hoffenheim resistance

Guardiola team played traditional for him 4-3-3. Unusual thing was that Laporte played as left back with Otamendi and Kompany as center back pair. Man City starting midfield was Fernandinho, David Silva and Gundogan. Pep decided to play Sterling, Sane, Aguero in attack. Man City full back unlike in others game didn't come inside Walker,... Continue Reading →

Yaya Toure on Inter transfer

Yaya Touré "I was ready to join Inter but at the last minute everything went wrong: City was opposed to my transfer. For me, Roberto Mancini is a special person, he often calls me after the games: I have great respect for him."

Kompany on Liverpool and title race

Vincent Kompany on the Liverpool game: “I think if you take all four games of last season, including the home game, it’s a game of small margins. You look at each and every game and there’s not a lot of difference in terms of how the games happened." Vincent Kompany on the title race "I don’t agree... Continue Reading →

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