Man City overcome Hoffenheim resistance

Guardiola team played traditional for him 4-3-3. Unusual thing was that Laporte played as left back with Otamendi and Kompany as center back pair. Man City starting midfield was Fernandinho, David Silva and Gundogan. Pep decided to play Sterling, Sane, Aguero in attack. Man City full back unlike in others game didn’t come inside Walker, Laporte stayed wide and most of the time close to Otamendi and Kompany. This was disastrous start for City when they conceded goal on first minute after failed attempt to make offside. Pretty quickly Aguero scored goal to even score after Leroy Sane pass and David Silva brilliant through ball to German midfielder which created opportunity. After Argentinian goal City created in counter attack another great opportunity, Sterling was one vs one against goalkeeper after another David Silva brilliant pass but Englishman failed to score goal. Man City struggled to open up Hoffenheim in positional attacks and weren’t able to connect with attacking players.Most of team passes were between defenders and in non threatening areas, only source of creativity and control was David Silva. Fernandinho had bad game he often lost ball like in game against Lyon and it created opportunities for quick attack against City. Laporte wasn’t convincing as left back and his mistakes couple of times almost cost goal. Otamendi and Kompany were to aggressive and committed stupid fouls. Belgian defender was rush, lost on numerous occasions orientation in space and showed lack of passing, technical quality. Gundogan again was bad as number eight, German midfielder lacks creativity in final third, too slow ball off ball and lost all physical battles. Ilkay in many games like this is non factor he contributes nothing in attack, defense and gets overrun by opposition midfielders. After first 25 minutes until 70 minute City struggled to create any chances, most of ball possessions was by defenders. Hoffenheim put all players with exception of 3 defenders in midfield and successfully disrupted rhythm, passing of Man City. Only after substitutions of Otamendi, Gundogan for Stones, Bernardo Silva Man City started to threaten German club and create dangerous situations. City started to play back 3 with Walker, Laporte, Kompany with Stones as defensive midfielder, Bernardo Silva as number 8. This allowed Guardiola side to move ball better and play closer to opposition box. City were denied stonewall penalty after goalkeeper foul on Sane and Aguero wasted couple of chances, Winning goal after Hoffenheim defender mistake when he was dispossessed by David Silva in penalty box and Spaniard scored. German side long ball and crosses attempts to score equalizer didn’t create any opportunity. Man City deservedly won on last minutes important Champions League game.



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