Bernardo Silva on City transfer

Bernardo Silva in interview to the Sun: "There was a guy on the plane who thought I was going to Man United. He was a United fan. I didn’t tell him he was wrong. But yeah, a lot of people didn’t know where I was going. I heard about the interest and I’ve friends at United.But... Continue Reading →

Klopp on Man City

Jurgen Klopp on Manchester City: "They are so strong. This team together with the club, the money they have and this manager is exceptional. It is a good match, a good combination. It makes them the biggest force at the moment - together with PSG - in world football."

Quotes from Guardiola press conference

Pep on squad: ''Everybody is OK, Delph is not available. Gundogan has a little problem and he didn't train today - we will see tomorrow. De Bruyne was training today.'' Pep on upcoming game: ''Every game is completely different (against Liverpool). In the #UCL, the first game we made a good performance except at the end... Continue Reading →

Man City concerned about Wembley pitch

According to London Evening Standard Manchester City are increasingly concerned about the state of the Wembley pitch after it appeared to be dry and yellowing during Tottenham's defeat to Barcelona. Wembley will host NFL games on October 14, 21 and 28 before City play Spurs there.

Zabaleta on possible Roma transfer

Pablo Zabaleta to Sky Italia "I came close to joining Roma in the past. They offered me a 3-year contract and I thought that could be a positive experience for me. However, Guardiola took over at City and told me that he needed me to stay so, in the end, I didn’t join Roma."

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