Mahrez on missed penalty

Riyad Mahrez: "It won't affect my confidence at all. Everyone misses penalties - even big, big, big players. I took the decision to shoot and the ball went up. I have to look forward, it is part of football. Sometimes you score, sometimes you miss."

Guardiola comments on game

Pep Guardiola: "We controlled them in terms of their counter attacks, our back four was so good. We had a good build-up with patience, but the problem after that was we didn't create too much.We tried (to win). We didn't concede one shot on target. At Anfield that is quite special.He (Mahrez) had the courage to... Continue Reading →

John Stones post-match comments

John Stones  "I think it was just decided between the boys (who took the penalty), Riyad was taking them well in training all week. He's deflated, I think he feels like he's let us down. A clean sheet at Anfield is not something you can do very often. The attacking threat from their team -... Continue Reading →

Walker on bus attack

Kyle Walker on the bus attack "It motivated me and that was it. They want to intimidate you but if you let them, they’ve won before you're even at the ground. I carried on listening to my music. I just had my headphones on as normal. I did the same as usual going to Anfield."

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