Man City showed resilience

Man City got extremely important win against Tottenham away 1-0 thanks to Mahrez goal on six minute. It was extremely tough game on terrible pitch where both teams weren’t able to show their best qualities. City started controlling game from the start and used Ederson long ball to bypass Spurs pressing, which combined with Trippier bad defending resulted in Sterling pass to Mahrez who scored in empty net. City controlled game and have other good opportunities in first half to score goal but miscommunication between players and bad final passes resulted in missed opportunities for team. Most dangerous shot from City in first half was from Mahrez which was saved by Lorris and deflected to post. David Silva was most important City player in attack he created most chances and was running City offense. Sterling played more advanced role with trying to use Trippier bad defending to his advantage. Bernardo Silva played much closer to Mahrez compared to David Silva and Sterling. Also Algerian played in less advanced role compared to English winger. Fernandinho helped City in build up, had very good passing game and was great in stopping numerous dangerous counterattacks including interception of Sissoko pass after Mendy mistake. Tottenham relied on long balls and passes behind the back to create chances. On two occasions in first half after Mendy and Laporte mistakes Spurs had great chances to score but Sissoko poor pass and Kane bad touch prevented them to make a shot. After first half in first 25 minutes of second half City controlled possession and should scored second goal but first Sterling shot from six yard box was blocked by Spurs defender after he beat Lloris and on other occasion Aguero made poor shot from around 12-13 meters. In both situations David Silva made bad decisions with Sterling chance Spaniard should shoot a ball in empty net instead of passing to Englishmen and in second situation Silva should passed to wide open Sterling instead of Aguero, Argentinian was poor in this game he made only 14 passes and struggled to link up with teammates. After substitutions Spurs forced City to defend in last 20 minutes but only dangerous moment for Tottenham came after Mahrez lost ball in City half but Lamela shot was too high, City in last 25 minuted didn’t make a shot and failed to create chances on numerous counterattacks after bad passes. Both City fullbacks Mendy and Walker were poor in this game with French defender committed numerous defensive mistakes and English full back made rush challenges, was caught out of position and made bad decisions in attack. City weren’t their best in this game, struggled with final actions in attack and made numerous defensive mistakes but still get important away win against top six side after which their return to the top of the Premier League table.


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