Man City get important win

Man City get 6-0 win against Shakhtar and advance to Round 16 of Champions League. Scoreline suggest that it was easy game and City were dominant with creating plenty of chances but it wasn’t a case. Guardiola made three changes comparing to last game Zinchenko played as left back instead of Mendy, Mahrez started instead of Sane and Gabriel Jesus started instead of Aguero. City started match actively but lacked in final third. Zinchenko in possession played as central midfielder often playing long cross passes on other side to Mahrez. Shakhar forced City play wide blocking central areas. On one of these wide attacks Mahrez was able to make low cross from wide position inside six yard box which was finished by David Silva. David Silva in this game often struggled with final pass and City most dangerous situations came after press on Shakhtar half and Ukrainians losing ball. In one of these occasions Sterling passed to Gabriel Jesus and Brazilian was one against goalkeeper but he waited to long and his shot was blocked in tackle by Shakhtar defender. On other occasion after Shakhar lost ball Fernandinho made through ball to Sterling English winger was one against goalkeeper but when he was trying to hit ball his leg hit turf and he felt on ground, referee given penalty for non existent foul. Gabriel Jesus scored goal from penalty spot and ended his goal drought. City most passing was in non threatening areas between defender and midfielders they struggled to find space behind opponent midfield in positional attacks. Second half started with great Sterling goal, he dribbled past couple opponents in central zone and scored great goal outside penalty box. Fourth goal came from penalty after foul on David Silva. Gabriel Jesus again scored from penalty. Fifth goal came after counter attack and Gundogan pass who was substituted on to Mahrez, Algerian made shot to near post which goalkeeper failed to save. Six goal came at added time after Shakhtar lost ball in center of pitch Gabriel Jesus scored with chip over goalkeeper who was far from gates. Gabriel Jesus scored three goals but all game he was isolated and made only 16 pass attempts in whole game. City struggled in this game to create from positional attacks and almost all their chances came after lose balls and counter attacks combine with two penalties it made look this game far easier than it really was. Guardiola side most attacks were from wide and Shakhtar was successful blocking central areas. After this win City advance to Round 16 of competition and after Lyon draw against Hoffenheim with good chance to finish on first place of Group F.


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