Man City get derby win

Man City won 3-1 against Man Utd without showing anywhere near their best level. Pep Guardiola decided to play with front three of Sterling, Aguero and Mahrez. City started actively on first minutes after combination on left wing David Silva made cut back to Aguero but Argentinian wasn’t able to hit ball from center of penalty box. City most their attacks made from left wing were combined Sterling, David Silva and Mendy, also Aguero helped on left sometimes. On 12 minute after Sterling cross from left and Bernardo Silva put back pass to David Silva Spaniard scored from six yard box, his shot deflected from Lindelof head. After first goal City became more passive. When City had possession played with back three of Walker, Stones, Laporte and Mendy played in more advanced position. Bernardo Silva was to deeper compared to David Silva. Bernardo and Mahrez played closer to touching line because Walker rarely helped attack. David Silva and Sterling on left side played more inside leaving space for Mendy runs. Aguero played closer to left and combined with Sterling and David Silva. United most of their attacks tried from left or right from City defense perspective. Martial and Shaw tried to combine between themselves but because Walker stayed deep and Bernardo great defensive work United didn’t create anything from their attacks. All Man United shots were from set pieces or blocked by City defenders. Fernandinho was free all match and Brazilian easily controlled game with his passing. City didn’t create anything until half time after first goal. After half time Aguero scored goal after one two combination with Mahrez. Argentinian scored from tight angle with powerful high shot over De Gea hands. After that Sterling get great opportunity to make score 3-0 but after Fernadinho pass English winger struggled to control ball. United scored from penalty after Ederson rush challenge on Lukaku in wide position. Martial scored for United. Guardiola reacted with substitution of Sane for Mahrez. After that Sterling started playing on right and Sane on left. United struggled to create chance after penalty and relied on long balls, crosses to threaten City defense. Second substitution was Gundogan for Aguero. After that Sterling played as false nine and Bernardo Silva on right wing. City struggled with final pass to create chances. Only after 44 pass combination and Bernardo cross to Gundogan City scored. German was completely open in opposition box, was able to take a touch and shoot from around six yard box. City won 3-1 without playing great offensive game. Most positive about City performance was that they didn’t allow United to create chances from open play and after conceded goal from penalty totally controlled game with their passing and killed game with third goal. After derby win City are top of the table and can look with optimism for next fixtures after international break.


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