Man City escape in France

City again struggled against Lyon after loss in Manchester to French club. Guardiola decided to play Zinchenko as left back, Stones, Laporte as starting center backs and Sterling played as central midfielder because of injuries suffered by De Bruyne, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva. In attack played Sane, Aguero and Mahrez. In possession Zinchenko played as midfielder to help City control the ball. In first 15 minutes Lyon started to play aggressive and made waves of attack. Lyon overloaded City left flank after which Depay from low cross miss hit the ball from six yard box. City answered with couple counter attacks which resulted in Mahrez shot that was blocked and another attack that resulted in shot that was saved by Lyon goalkeeper. City struggled with Lyon intensity Fernandinho made numerous fouls and got yellow card. Man City often had possession between defenders and struggled to create chances from positional attacks. After 30 minutes Lyon made two more dangerous quick attacks. First attack was saved by Laporte defender blocked shot from six yard box by Lyon player. In last minuted of first half Lyon made quick attack that ended in shot which hit the post. City were extremely lucky to end first half 0-0, score before half-time could be easily 2-0. In second half City played significantly better and controlled better game. Lyon scored after counter-attack when Fernandinho failed to intercept with his head high ball and Cornet scored goal with shot from outside box which was slightly deflected by Zinchenko attempt to block shot. City answered with Mahrez cross which resulted in Aguero header from six yards that was saved by Lyon goalkeeper. French club played in defense more. City scored after Sterling cross from free kick and deflection Laporte scored goal with header. Man City were close to score second goal but Aguero pass to Sane and Sterling who were open to score tap-in from six yard box but pass was blocked by Lyon defender. Delph came in last 20 minuted for Sane to help control the game. Lyon scored goal by Cornet after 1 vs 1 against Ederson which happened in positional attack. City were saved by Aguero header after Mahrez cross from corner. Man City were lucky to draw against Lyon they were completely outplayed and Guardiola experiment with Sterling in midfield failed. Zinchenko showed that he can’t defend as left-back. City now need draw against Hoffenheim at home to secure first place in Group F.

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