Man City cruise past Bournemouth

Pep Guardiola made significant changes for game against Bournemouth Otamendi started instead of Stones, Zinchenko, Danilo was starting pair of full-backs, Gundogan started instead of David Silva and Gabriel Jesus instead Aguero. Bournemouth played with 5-4-1, formation with 5 defenders gave Guardiola Bayern and City biggest problems they often struggled create chances from flanks. City started game actively with trying create chances from wide thanks to Sane and Sterling but struggled to find space. Gundogan as number 8 rarely played forward passes, most dangerous moments were created when City played passes from Zinchenko and Laporte to Sane behind defenders. One of this attacks resulted in opening goal, Zinchenko made pass over the top to Sane behind Bournemouth full back Francis back, Sane made shot which was saved by Begovic and Bernardo Silva after rebound scored in empty net. Also City were close to score when Zinchenko made cross which Gabriel Jesus wasn’t able to get. Zinchenko playing as inverted full back helped City in attack and controlling possession. But after goal City hardly created anything and allowed visitors large spells of possession City defenders often looked nervous and made positional errors only Bournemouth lack of quality in final third didn’t allow them to create chances. City midfielders especially Gundogan made bad passes and often lost ball without pressure. In last 10-15 minutes of first half Man City gave Howe side control and in one of their attacks after cross from Francis Callum Wilson scored header after winning duel in Otamendi. In second half first 5-10 minutes City continued to be nervous and forced to make change after Zinchenko was injured by Fernandinho elbow for Delph. Raheem Sterling individual effort changed the game, English winger dribbled past 5 defenders and his shot after deflection hit post, couple minutes later he scored from six yard box after rebound which was result of Danilo shot and Begovic save. In next 15 minutes City created numerous dangerous situations but weren’t able to use them. Bournemouth main threat was from throw-ins which created panic in City box. Bournemouth contained Gabriel Jesus all game without problems and Brazilian striker was substituted for David Silva. Third goal came after corner, Sane made cross which was handled easily by visitors but Sane got rebound passed ball to David Silva and Spaniard made quick cut back pass inside box to Sane and German made low cross which was finished by Gundogan. After that Sane could scored fourth goal after great long ball by Laporte but Begovic saved Bournemouth. City weren’t at their best gave number of players rest but still were able to win and remain top of the table ahead of two away games against Watford and Chelsea.


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