City overcome Everton

Pep Guardiola side after defeat against Chelsea showed resilience and kept Liverpool withing touching distance. City started Otamendi with Laporte as center-back pairing and Gundogan played as number 8 because of David Silva injury. Game started in relatively slow pace most of City possession was between defenders and midfielders, Gabriel Jesus was forced drop deep to link up with team, Fernandinho in first 20 minuted made many bad passes and City were often sloppy in possession. First dangerous moment of game was created by Everton after Kyle Walker lost possession from Everton long ball near penalty box and Richardson made volley shot unmarked from 7-8 meters after cross but ball was too high. Mahrez and Bernardo Silva struggled to combine, Algerian hold ball to long often and Portuguese hardly was involved in game. Best City player was Gundogan his passing was more aggressive than usual and German was good in tight paces unlike other players. First goal came after Mina made bad long pass on Everton half of pitch which was intercepted by Sane, Leroy made pass to unmarked Gabriel Jesus which won 1 vs 1 battle against Everton goalkeeper Pickford. After first goal City continued to attack but sloppy passing in final third didn’t allow to create chances. Only chance before half-time was created after multiple deflections in Everton penalty box Mahrez made shot from 13-14 meters. Second half started with City attacks and almost immediately Gabriel Jesus scored second goal with header after Sane lob pass. After second goal City relaxed and allowed Everton to have more possession. After rush challenge and bad clearance by Otamendi Everton scored with Calvert Lewin header after cross. Three minutes later Sterling who came for Sane scored header after Fernandinho cross, Raheem was left totally unmarked. In last 20 minutes of the game Everton created numerous chances mainly from Walker side who had poor game and looked tired, but also Otamendi with Delph struggled with their defensive duties but Ederson save combined with their misses didn’t allow Everton to score. City had numerous great situations in last 20 minutes but their final ball was bad. Two main positives for City were that Gabriel Jesus scored two goals after long drought and De Bruyne came on pitch for last 15 minutes after injury. City continue to be in title race with Liverpool.


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