City suffer title set back

Man City lost at home to Crystal Palace 2-3 which is one of biggest upsets in last couple of years. Pep Guardiola selection proved to be biggest problem, Spaniard coach started Stones as defensive midfielder with Walker as starting right-back who looked bad last month, Gundogan as number 8 who isn’t convincing in that role and Gabriel Jesus as forward who hardly showed anything convincing in last 12 months. Game started with City having most possession but it become obvious from start that Stones is to slow on ball and his passing was backwards most of the times, attacks looked slow and without rhythm. Gundogan played close to Sterling on right and they hardly were involved in game and looked isolated. On left close to each other played Bernardo Silva and Sane ,from their zone City created most dangerous situations after combination between them Sterling shot from 12-13 meters open but mishit ball after which Bernardo shot from six yard box was blocked. Walker and Delph played more inside and rarely made overlapping runs. City scored after Delph cross and Gundogan header German made supportive run in penalty box. After goal City conceded after Stones failed tackle and Walker backed down against Crystal Palace player he shoot without pressure in far corner. Couple minutes later after Kyle Walker lost possession he made stupid foul 40 meters from goal. After Crystal Palace set-piece Bernardo Silva made bad header clearance and Andres Townsend scored incredible volley from outside box. In last 10 minutes of first half City didn’t create anything. After half-time Guardiola didn’t made changes but five minutes later Aguero came for Otamendi with Stones playing as defender now and Delph more as midfielder. City conceded goal almost immediately Crystal Palace hit the post and get rebound after which Walker made terrible challenge which resulted in penalty, Ederson wasn’t able to save. Then De Bruyne came for Delph and Mahrez for Sterling, City struggled to create any chances, their attacks resulted in crosses which nobody was able to close. Until 84 minute Man City didn’t create anything, after that De Bruyne cross resulted in accidental goal behind keeper back. Team in last 10 minutes was able to create couple dangerous chances, but two dangerous De Bruyne crosses were ruined by Gabriel Jesus, first he touched pass to Bernardo Silva who was free when he was offside and after that his header was too high. Sergio Aguero in last 40 minutes didn’t made a shot and looks out of form after injury. Combination of individual mistakes, incredible goals and bad team selection resulted in City loss and now Guardiola side is 4 points behind Liverpool.


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