City suffer another loss

In game against Leicester Guardiola made 4 channges Aguero started instead of Aguero, Danilo instead of Walker, Stones as defender instead of Otamendi and De Bruyne was in starting 11. Game started predictably with City having possession and home side played in deep block. De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva changed positions with each other, forwards didn’t rotate. City were able to score from first chance created after Laporte pass to Aguero, Argentinian gave short pass to Bernardo that opened Leicester defense and Portuguese scored from  1 vs 1 positions against Schmeichel. Couple minutes later City lost ball in the middle of pitch and home side made quick attack, Vardy made cross to Albrighton on far post that was left unmarked by Delph and scored without problems. City full-backs were horrendous in defending and almost every attack from flanks resulted in dangerous moment. In one episode Bernardo made bad pass that resulted in Vardy 1 vs 1 against Ederson which was saved by Brazilian. City created couple of chances after De Bruyne penetrative passes to Sane but first Aguero missed from 7-8 meters after cut-back and other time Sane passed ball instead of shooting that was intercepted. Raheem Sterling was horrendous in this game, he wasn’t able dribble or pass the ball and destroyed couple great chances that City had. Generally speaking only De Bruyne was able to make positive things in attack for City other were very bad. After break City continued to have the ball but hardly created anything most of possession was sterile and in final third attacks broke down after bad passes or failed dribbling attempts, Leicester were more dangerous than City with the ball. City game suffered huge drop off after Pep substituted De Bruyne for David Silva, after that home team enjoyed far more possession. City conceded goal from shot outside box by Pereira after he picked ball from Sane clearance after corner. City in last 10 minutes didn’t create anything players looked in this game exhausted and without ideas most City attacks ended in crosses to nobody. Most damning about lack of good chance is that Leicester gave City a lot of space to create chances but bad performance by attackers didn’t allow to capitalize on this. Only important thing that happened in last minutes was that Delph received straight red after horrendous challenge and will miss next 3 games including game against Liverpool. After this loss it is tough for City to compete for title with Liverpool given that they are 7 points ahead, Guardiola must make changes to save this season for Man City.


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