Pundits on City crisis

Craig Bellamy: “I don’t believe Liverpool will go unbeaten, they will lose one or two games, and I personally think Man City will win the league. I think Guardiola would be rubbing his hands saying ‘game on – last year, we won it so comfortably, now let’s see what we’ve got. They have a manager who is a serial winner so they have a lot of factors that they can look back on. With seven points to make up, especially over the Christmas period, you can get that back. Don’t write Man City off yet.”

Richard Dunne: “It might sound strange to say that City need to go out again and buy in January but they need something different, maybe Pep will decide he has the faith in these players to turn it around but I see a squad that needs freshening up. Because they have been so good over the past two years you give City the benefit of the doubt and say it’s just a blip they are going through, they have had injuries and Fernandinho’s not been there and they were unable to replace him. City don’t look like the same team at the moment, that could just be short term and they can climb out of it, or it could be more serious, but they need fresh faces.”

Картинки по запросу guardiola

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