Sterling on win

Raheem Sterling on game: ''We had a point to prove for ourselves. We’ve had two difficult results and we wanted to bounce back and we did it brilliantly today. The way we ran on and off the ball was brilliant.''

Man City get easy win

Man City get easy 3-1 away win against Southmapton. For City scored David Silva, Aguero and Ward-Prowse scored own goal. Guardiola side after this win return to second place in PL table.

Former Bayern player on Pep

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg on Pep: “He is the most demanding person, not only coach, that I have ever met. We sit on the bus after we have won and he sits on the bus watching the game and then he is in his office with two laptops, a television and he is analysing. Maybe that’s what... Continue Reading →

Hargreaves on Fernandinho

Owen Hargreaves: "The opposition teams have scored against Man City with their first attack in the last two games. Palace did that, and Leicester did that, and the reason Fernandinho is in there, is in those moments when you’re a bit spread, he can suss that out."

Pep on changing his methods

Pep on changing his style: "That is not going to happen. It did not happen in the first year; it's not going to happen. Why should I? Because I lost two games? No way. It's definitely not going to happen. The same applied in my first season when I answered this 10 or 20 times.... Continue Reading →

De Bruyne struggles with injury

Kevin De Bruyne is out of the Southampton game and fighting to be fit for City's match against Liverpool after sustaining a 'slight knock'. KDB has also been complaining of muscle soreness following his return from a six-week knee injury. De Bruyne has suffered physically since returning from injury and does not expect to be... Continue Reading →

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