Man City show fragility

In away game against Newcastle first time this season Fernandinho, De Bruyne and David Silva started game together also Sane, Sterling, Aguero played in forward line. Only problems were with City full-backs Danilo was forced as left-back and out of form Walker again started. City scored on first minute after long ball Sterling run behind defenders and made cross to David Silva who with header played ball back to Aguero and Argentinian scored in empty net. After that instead of killing game City started to play very slow and sloppy. All midfielders made many bad passes and lost possessions numerous times, Danili and Walker as inverted full-backs were very poor in possession and made numerous mistakes. Fernandinho struggled not only in possession but also his defensive game was very bad. City forwards were isolated and weren’t involved in game, Sane, Sterling dribbling attempts failed and Aguero was forced to drop deep. After goal until 30 minute City didn’t create any chances, after that Guardiola team had numerous great opportunities in counter attacks to kill game but mainly because of Aguero poor play all attacks ended even without shot. Second half started with City attacks, they created couple opportunities main one was Sane low cross after which Sterling missed ball for tap in. Visitors game continued to be nervous and sloppy. De Bruyne was subbed of for Bernardo Silva immediately after that Newcastle scored after long ball and couple bounces Rondon shot from ground ended in goal. Guardiola made another substitution Gabriel Jesus came for Sane but City game didn’t improve, all attacks were to slow and predictable. Final blow for Manchester club came after Fernandinho lost ball in own penalty area and fouled on Newcastle player. Home team scored from penalty and last 15 minutes City were trailing, last substitution of Gundogan for Danilo made team play even poorer, slower and more predictable until end of game City didn’t create anything and lost. This is third time this season including Palace, Leicester losses that City scored first goal and lost game after that, more importantly in all games City didn’t create anything when they chased in games. After this loss title hopes pretty much dead and Cup competitions will determine City season as success or failure.


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