Emery on Pep coaching abilities

Unai Emery on Pep: "I have analysed a lot of teams and coaches and it is difficult to find one coach who is better than Guardiola. I learned a lot looking at his team. I think in his career, he is doing the best of all the coaches in the world."

Pep on solving City problems

Pep: "Our problems must be solved collectively. All the players are playing at a high level when the team plays well. What we have to do is play good and it is then that the potential of individual players will increase. We have to focus." Pep: "I've said many times when people say we are... Continue Reading →

Pundit on De Bruyne role in title race

Paul Merson on Kevin De Bruyne being the difference in the title race: "He sets the standard so high. I think his quality and new energy could be the key. One moment of magic that unlocks a tight defence in a tough game could be all it takes to win them [City] the league."

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