City go to top of the league

In away game against Everton Pep Guardiola made significant changes compare to previous game against Arsenal, City started with four nominal defenders Laporte, Walkers played as full-backs, Otamendi and Stones as center-backs. Gundogan played as number eight with David Silva, Sane and Bernardo played as wingers. City started game nervously with losing possession numerous times and making bad, sloppy passes. Leroy Sane with David Silva were guilty of easy mistakes and careless possessions. First ten minutes of game were nervous and Everton put visitors under big pressure but their attacks didn’t result in dangerous chances. City played with three center backs in possession and Walker played as inverted full-back in midfield. After that City got great opportunity from corner but Laporte missed header in open net. Couple minutes later after Sane, David Silva combination on flank Spaniard low cross ended with Gundogan shot from six-yard box in bar. City had numerous good opportunities for quick attacks but they were wasted mainly because of David Silva, Sane poor plays. German winger made enormous amount of poor first touches and his final ball was atrocious. City combination for rest of first half were predictable and slow. In some moments in possession Stones played as midfielder and Walker as central defender. Everton only dangerous chance came after cross and header which after deflection from Walker was little wide. First goal of game came after free kick from Silva ended with Laporte scoring header at added time. After first half Everton started to play more attacking football but their attempts didn’t result in good chances. City had numerous good chances for counter attacks but they were wasted. City dangerous attacks came after wide combination between Gundogan and Bernardo, after which Bernardo header was saved and following bicycle shot from Aguero was little wide. Sane was substituted for Sterling around 60 minute. Sterling was in numerous great positions but his dribbling was bad or shots blocked. one of his shots after deflection almost resulted in goal but was little bit to high. Aguero struggled to be involved in game and link-up play was poor. Everton had more ball but their attacks resulted in bad crosses. After 80 minute Gabriel Jesus came for Aguero couple minutes later after Walker poor pass Everton got opportunity for quick attacks but Ederson came out quickly and intercepted pass. On 88 minute De Bruyne came for David Silva. Last minutes City held ball near corner flags and waited for final whistle. Everton wasn’t able to deliver ball in City penalty area. On last minute of stoppage time De Bruyne pass left Jesus 1vs1 against keeper his chip ball failed but deflected shot he followed with header in empty net and made score 2-0. City are now at the top of PL table but besides result quality of football and Pep tactics left many questions.

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