Shalke player on chances against City

Rabbi Matondo, who recently left City for their next Champions League opponents Schalke: "Pep is an excellent coach! City are a very strong side and showed that with the 6-0 win over Chelsea. But of course we have a chance! Maybe I can give the coach some insider info..." [BILD]

City interested in CB

With Nicolas Otamendi (31) and Vincent Kompany (32) getting older, Manchester City have begun showing interest in Borussia Mönchengladbach's Swiss centre-back Nico Elvedi (22). [BILD]

Bernardo praises Aguero

Bernardo Silva on Sergio Aguero: "I think you don’t need any more words to describe him. He just proves week after week, year after year, how good he is. It’s just fantastic for us to have a striker like him scoring so many goals for us and I just hope he continues."

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