City win first trophy

In Carabao Cup final against Chelsea Guardiola started with Zinchenko as left-back, De Bruyne and David Silva as number eights, Bernardo Silva, Sterling on wings and Aguero as forward. Chelsea started with Hazard as false nine and in many ways repeated tactics that helped them this season to win at home against City 2-0. Chelsea conceded possession and City controlled ball most of the time but they struggled to open up Chelsea Laporte made numerous mistakes with his passing. City tried to isolate Sterling on left side and overload right side with Bernardo, De Bruyne and Walker in this game Walker made many overlap runs unlike most of this season. City started to create openings and fine some rhytm after De Bruyne dropped deeper and his long passing find players between lines. David Silva played more centrally between lines but struggled to make good decisions and was ineffective. First shot in game came after 20 minutes when Bernardo made pass from flank and Aguero shot ball from around 10-12 meters too high, Then around 35 minute Aguero made shot from around 18 meters that was saved by Kepa. Chelsea only dangerous moment came after Laporte was overrun by Hazard but his shot was blocked. Generally speaking it was quite poor and boring first half. In second half Kompany came for injured Laporte. City started more aggressively but still didn’t create anything De Bruyne last pass was off. Hazard started to exploit space behind Kompany in one moment Otamendi won 1 vs 1 duel against Belgian attacker in penalty box, in another run Hazard dribbled past Kompany and made pass to Kante who shot from 6-7 meters too high. Game became more open in last 20 minutes Chelsea enjoyed more ball and had some good situations. City counter attacks didn’t result in great chances one of them ended in free-kick from around 20 meters that De Bruyne wasted. Guardiola made two changes in last 20 minutes Gundogan came  for David Silva and Sane for De Bruyne. Bernardo started to play in midfield and Sterling on right side. Last couple minutes of full-time Chelsea had couple dangerous situations after Walker mistakes but Chelsea free-kick didn’t create anything and Hazard was offside when he run for 1 vs 1 against Ederson, In last minute Fernandinho got injury and was substituted for Danilo who played in extra-time as defensive midfielder. In extra time Chelsea enjoyed large chunk of possession but City had best opportunities in second extra time after counter attack Aguero shot from 18 meters was saved by Kepa and in other moment after Sterling dribble he made pass to Aguero whose shot in empty net was blocked by Azlpilicueta. Chelsea keeper Kepa asked in last minutes two times for doctors and Sarri tried to substitute him for Caballero but he refused to leave pitch, after this incident Sarri lost control. In penalty shot-out Ederson saved first penalty from Jorginho and Kepa after that saved Sane shot, but immediately David Luis hit the post and Sterling with last penalty that touched bar win first trophy this season for City. This game brouth City trophy but left questions about quality of football, Guardiola tactics and two key players suffered injuries. Now Man City must prepare for Wednesday PL game against West Home at home after long exhausting game with mini injury crisis.


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