City keep pressure on Liverpool

Pep Guardiola made significant changes compare to last game against Chelsea because of injuries. City started with Otamendi, Kompany as central defenders, Danilo as right back, Gundogan as defensive midfielder and Sane, Mahrez as starting wingers. Immediately from the start home team started to create chances after David Silva pass Mahrez volley from 7-8 meters was too high, immediately after that De Bruyne made low cross after which David Silva hit post from inside six yard box, couple minutes later De Bruyne made shot from 13-14 meters again too high. First 10 minutes City didn’t have problems creating chances but were extremely wasteful. De Bruyne sometimes dropped deeper to help advance ball, David Silva played more advanced and closer to Sane. Mahrez often was left isolated on right wing but he was to slow and predictable in his game. After starting minutes City struggled to create great chances often players made passes and there was big miscommunication between players. Sane, Mahrez were often caught offside and showed low intensity in their play, there were numerous times in quick attacks miscommunications between Mahrez and De Bruyne which destroyed good situations for City, Sane looked completely uninterested in game, David Silva struggled to create plus Aguero dropped deep to link-up with team but struggled to win duels in penalty box or near it. Most of first half City were left frustrated. After half-time best chance got West Ham after Carroll shot which was saved by Ederson it was West Ham first shot in game. Around 55 minute Guardiola made two changes Bernardo Silva, Sterling came for Sane and Mahrez. After this changes City started to play with more intensity and more direct, Bernardo run in penalty box ended with Felipe Anderson fouling him after which Aguero opened score from penalty, Couple minutes later after, Bernardo cut-back ended with Sterling shot that was saved by Fabianski and followed shot from David Silva was saved by West Ham player from empty net. After that Sterling dribbling run ended with shot from outside penalty box which was saved by keeper. For rest of game West Ham struggled to create any meaningful chances, at the same time City wasted number of good counter attacking opportunities one of which ended in Sterling shot from 9-10 meters after Bernardo pass but it was mishit and wide. Last 10 minutes of game City just wasted time and ended game without problems, Man City won game 1-0 but created enough chances to win game by 3 goals minimum, at the same time performances by Sane and Mahrez were hugely disappointed, After this win City continue to chase Liverpool who have 1 point more than Man City.


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