Laporte on Mahrez qualities

@Laporte on @Mahrez22: "Riyad, apart from being a great footballer, he's a friend. I get on very well with him. He always deals damage to the defences he comes up against... He's a fantastic footballer and he's going to offer so much for the team this season."

Shearer names Aguero best ever

@alanshearer on @aguerosergiokun: "Aguero is the best foreign striker the Premier League has seen. He guarantees you goals and he has the better goals-per-game ratio compared to Drogba and Henry, not that there is much in it."

Schalke youth coach on Sane

Schalke U-19 coach Norbert Elgert to SPORT BILD: "Leroy Sané has made a big leap as a personality and footballer after moving to Manchester City. He is well on his way to becoming a world leader. There are the Ronaldos, the Messis - he can already be classified as behind them." Norbert Elgert to SPORT... Continue Reading →

Pep on Bernardo qualities

Pep Guardiola: "Bernardo Silva is a lovely person. He never makes a bad face. He’s the guy in the locker room who is most loved. He is very talented. I am a lucky guy to have Bernardo in my hands, in every training session and every game. I love him. Simple as that."

Pep on injuries

Pep Guardiola: "John Stones has a groin problem. Gabriel Jesus has a hamstring problem. I don't think it is a big, big problem but enough for them not to come."

Pep on beating Schalke

Pep Guardiola: "You can’t go through if you are not yourself. If you don’t do your best performance. If you want to dream, go through to the last stages, every single second you have to be incredible: impose your game. To be ourselves, that is what I want to feel."

Pep on winning CL

Pep Guardiola: "This competition is special. The teams are good. You have to control your emotions. You have to suffer and survive the bad moments. But we are confident. We have many dreams in our head."

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