Crouch praises Sterling

Peter Crouch on @Sterling7: "Raheem Sterling has been on my mind since last summer. I watched him closely during the World Cup and felt he would return to the Premier League and do special things..." Peter Crouch: "Well, he’s done that again. Sterling hasn’t just got better, he’s been breathtaking for City... Sterling, without a... Continue Reading →

Pep on speculations around investigation

Pep: "If it is not good then OK, we will accept it. If everything is right then, it will finish and we move forward... I would like [it to be over] as soon as possible... That would be my dream... I don’t like it when people talk about it. I prefer to talk about football."

Pep on Ferran and Txiki

Pep on Ferran and Txiki: "They know that people press, push to find something wrong. I work with them and have known them for a long, long time. I trust them a lot. After that, we’ll see. What I wish is clarification as quickly as possible..."

Pep on team progression

Pep: "I think the team grows one of the most step by step. In the last three years we grow a lot... I feel humble and we are taking small steps. Manchester City make back to back titles and we make 100 points and fight for all the titles."

Pep on his legacy

Pep: "When you are fighting, people want to underestimate what you achieve. I’m not too much concerned... If we win the title just because what happens now with UEFA [and] they do not give us credit for what we have done, believe me I… don’t… care! Absolutely zero."

Pep on upcoming week

Pep Guardiola: "This is a crucial week... We need to be strong and accept the toughest moment in every situation. We have been incredible the last two months, especially the last two or three weeks and we would like to continue that way."

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