Pep on Sterling improvement

On @sterling7: "I don’t believe I have made Raheem a better player, he has done it himself, we try to do our best to help, but it depends on the player himself. He deserves all the credit. On Saturday he didn’t track his fullback a couple of times, so he can get better."

Pep on Schalke match

His thoughts about the match: "I prefer 3-2 than the one at Anfield 3-0 down! We didn’t expect PSG or Real to go out after the first legs, many things can happen in 90 minutes. We were lucky in first leg, what happened in Germany can happen again, so we have a job to do."

Sterling on his legacy after football

On his legacy: "When football is finished, will I live off what I did on the field? No. I want to be able to help people be the best they can be. I just wanted people to pause and think. [I wanted to challenge the news media] to do better."

Sterling on his inspiration

On his inspiration: "Jay-Z. He made money, and then looked for the next generation, put everything in place to find someone to follow him. If I don’t do it, if the one after me doesn’t do it, it will just keep going."

Sterling leads City to win

In home game against Watford City faced huge problems and struggled to create good chances for long time. In first half Watford played with back five and as result City struggled to create overloads and good chances. Biggest vulnerability that Pep Guardiola showed as coach in Bayern and now City is that against five defenders... Continue Reading →

Sterling on media treatment

@sterling7 on how the media have contributed to a false impression of his character: “From the very start of my career, there has been a perception of a flashy kid from London: loves cars, loves the flashy lifestyle.” Raheem Sterling: “I’m not saying I’m a saint or anything, but that is the complete opposite of... Continue Reading →

Vincent Kompany on Raheem Sterling

Vincent Kompany on Raheem Sterling: "He has an amazing drive to develop. It's incredible because his first year at City was tough and then from the moment Pep came in he just kicked on and went from strength to strength. For me, he is one of the best wingers in the world..." Vincent Kompany: "He's... Continue Reading →

Vincent Kompany on the title race

Vincent Kompany on the title race: "We couldn’t have asked for more at this stage of the season. We’re all convinced ­Liverpool will win every remaining game until the end of the season. Therefore we know how big the task ahead of us is, with big games still coming up..." Vincent Kompany: "We’re all relaxed... Continue Reading →

Jamie Redknapp on Raheem Sterling

Jamie Redknapp on Raheem Sterling: "You only need to look at Sterling’s numbers to see what an outstanding season he is having. His hat-trick against Watford took his goal tally to 15, just three behind Aguero in the race for the Golden Boot, and he has assisted another nine." Jamie Redknapp: "He [Sterling] is always... Continue Reading →

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