Sterling leads City to win

In home game against Watford City faced huge problems and struggled to create good chances for long time. In first half Watford played with back five and as result City struggled to create overloads and good chances. Biggest vulnerability that Pep Guardiola showed as coach in Bayern and now City is that against five defenders his teams often struggle to create spaces and chances. First 10-15 minutes of game City started aggressively and created one dangerous chance after Mahrez pass David Silva header was wide but aside from that City crosses often were handled by Watford defenders without problems. City wide players Sterling and Mahrez played in more inside roles, on right wing Bernardo helped with width in City attacks on the left Zinchenko was often positioned wide and made crosses that didn’t result in any shots. David Silva played advanced role and tried to find space between lines but struggled to find spaces. Sterling and Mahrez struggled with dribbling and passing their decision making raised many questions. Only truly dangerous attack for rest of first half was created around 30 minute after Bernardo cross Aguero was free but his header was wide. City last 15 minutes of first half played more crosses, lob passes or long passes from Ederson that didn’t create anything. After first half City got lucky break after Aguero pass to Sterling who was offside Watford defender clearance hit Raheem and after deflection goal was scored, referee made mistake and didn’t see Sterling offside. Minute later City scored second goal after combination and David Silva pass to Mahrez Algerian winger made low cross to free Sterling who scored easy tap in inside six yard box. City controlled possession David Silva dropped deeper and was more involved in game around 60 minute his through ball to Sterling behind defenders back resulted in Sterling dribbling and third goal. Immediately after that Sane came for Sterling. Couple minutes later after third goal long free kick from Watford keeper ended with Troy Deeney who only came to game winning duel against Kompany and making header pass to another substituted player Delofeu who scored goal from 1 vs 1 position against Ederson. In conceded goal biggest responsibility had Otamendi who had chance to intercept ball but decided not two because he didn’t see behind his back Delofeu. For rest of match visitors had more possession than before that but they made only one more shot until end of game from free-kick on 92 minute. City had multiple 1 vs 1 against Watford but Sane, Bernardo were wasteful also Jesus who came for Aguero passed goalkeeper but at last second his shot in empty net was blocked by defender. Overall City conceded only two shots in this game and thanks to good fortune were able to open score early in second half and create many great chances after Watford were forced to attack more. Destiny of title is in City hands who have one point lead against Liverpool.


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