Man City destroy Schalke

In home game against Schalke Pep because of injuries and disqualifications he started Laporte, Danilo as starting center-backs and played Sane as left winger, it was first time in long time that Sane, Sterling started together. From first minutes took control of possession but they struggled to create openings two City attacking midfielders Bernardo and David Silva were guilty of making simple mistakes and losing balls. In first 20 minutes Leroy Sane was passive and struggled to dribble or link up with teammates, Sergio Aguero often play by himself and don’t see teammates his individual efforts ended up in failures. City tempo was extremely slow first chance was created after Walker pass to Sterling who run behind defenders back and made cut back to Aguero who hit post shooting in empty net. After that City again struggled to create any chances. First goal was scored from penalty by Aguero after Bernardo was hold when he tried to reach Gundogan pass. Second goal was scored by Aguero between keeper legs in near corner after back hill pass from Sterling who again made run behind defenders back after Gundogan long pass. Third goal was scored by Sane from wide again between keeper legs after Zinchecko made pass to his run behind full-back. Gundogan was best and most creative player in team. Second half started with another incredible long pass by Gundogan to Sane for 1 vs 1 against keeper but his shot was wide couple minutes later he scored goal that was canceled because of offside. Fourh goal was scored by Sterling after Sane pass from one side to another, and Sane provided another assist to Bernardo who scored form central position in penalty box after German cut back. City made changes around 60 minute Jesus, Foden came for Aguero and David Silva. Young City graduate scored sixth goal after Sane dribble and pass he passed Schalke keeper and scored in empty net. Interesting changes happened after third City substitution two central defenders were Walker, Danilo and two full backs were Zinchenko and Delph. Last goal of game seventh was scored by Gabriel Jesus in near corner after keeper mistake. City won game 7-0 and await to find opponent in CL quarter-final. This game hardly can say about City chances against top teams and some individual performances like David Silva’s left some questions.


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