Eni Aluko on Sterling and racism

Eni Aluko (Juventus): “Everyone is taking this opportunity to praise Sterling but I think it’s an opportunity to learn from the way he has been spoken and written about in the past, and to say we need to be less quick to judge people in football, particularly black players.”

Eni Aluko: “Before Sterling left Liverpool, he gave an interview to the BBC in which he said he was not motivated by money but by a desire to win trophies and improve as a player. Everyone ridiculed him and insisted he just wanted some of City’s cash but…”

Eni Aluko: “…four years on he has won the league, cups & significantly improved under Pep and Liverpool have won nothing since that time. Sterling took the best decision for his career, which has paid off brilliantly, and he did not deserve any of the criticism that followed.”

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