Benitez on Liverpool game

Rafa Benitez ahead of Newcastle's clash with Liverpool this Saturday: "We will do what we have done the whole season and that’s try to win the game. We play at home in front of our own fans and we will try to do our best. We will be professionals and if we can win..." Rafa... Continue Reading →

Pep on Aguero status

Pep Guardiola on Sergio Aguero post #BURMCI: "The guy is a legend. He does that all the time, scoring important goals. He is an incredible player. Every time he does it I am delighted."

Dyche on Pep

Sean Dyche post #BURMCI: "It’s fantastic for me to see Pep screaming get the ball in corner - that was pleasing for me. [...] When you hear Pep screaming ‘get it in the corner’, that’s quite amusing."

Pep on next games

Pep: “In the first half we didn't create too much but of course it is what it is, we knew in these kind of games you play with intention and 92 pints is incredible - it is in our hands, we must win our next two games and our next one against Leicester." Pep: “It's... Continue Reading →

Pep on team defending

Pep: “We didn't concede one shot on target or one corner, we are a small team but we are smart, in the first half the pitch was so dry and it was slow but in teh second half we knew we had to score our goal.” Pep: "We controlled the long ball and we had... Continue Reading →

Aguero on win

Aguero: “I am so very happy for the win and now we have one week now to prepare for the next game. I think it was over the line! I am very happy with the goal because the first half we had chances. When I scored I enjoyed the moment with my team-mates.”

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