City get easy win

In away game against Fulham Pep named team without two wingers Bernardo played on right and midfield contained David Silva, De Bruyne and Gundogan, Otamendi, Laporte played as center backs. City from first minutes took control of game and started to create chances. First goal came after Fulham lost ball trying to play from back and Bernardo Silva made great low shot in corner from outside box on 5 minute. After first goal City continued to create chances but quality of their chances was pretty low. Sterling and Aguero had great chances but their shots from around 10-12 meters were blocked by defender or deflected by keeper without problems. In first 15 minutes City made more than 10 shots. Some decision making by David Silva and De Bruyne left questions, Belgian midfielder often played as most advanced midfielder but sometimes dropped deeper to advance ball. Raheem Sterling struggled with his shooting and dribbling attempts often failed. After first 15 minutes Fulham started to enjoy more possession and made first shot after free kick but their possession for most part was sterile. City scored second goal on 27 minute came again after failed attempt to play from back and Aguero scored with chip ball. Couple minutes later City should have penalty after foul on Sterling but referee didn’t see it. After second goal and half time City continued to control game but didn’t try to score goal just used possession to kill game. After 55 minute Aguero was subbed off as precaution for Gabriel Jesus. Only good chance Man City had after quick attack when Walker hit post after Sterling pass. On 75 minute Fernandinho came for De Bruyne and in the end of game Mahrez came for Sterling who lost possession and made foul close to penalty box. Fulham didn’t create any chances until end of game and City got easy three points. Destiny of title race continues to be in City hands.


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