City face competition for Saul Niguez

Manchester United have joined the race for Saul Niguez with Manchester City identifying Rodri Hernandez (22) as the perfect alternative. Guardiola believes Rodri would be more suited for the position he is the real holding midfielder at Atletico Madrid. [via @efabascalUK] City have also considered the signing of Saul as officials at the Etihad Stadium... Continue Reading →

Sterling response to Bonucci claim

Raheem Sterling’s response after Leonardo Bonucci claimed it was "50/50 to blame" when his Juventus team mate Moise Kean was racially abused by oppositions fans and celebrated his goal in front of them. [via @sterling7]

Pep on pressure

Pep on the demanding fixture schedule: "(The players) know every game, they lose, they’re out – a draw is not enough, they have to win. We don’t select competitions or say this game is more important than another."

Pep on team improvement

Pep Gaurdiola: "We judge a team on how many titles they will win, but I’m satisfied to think we are better than last season. We’ve had more time together. We have improved some things better and we do better things than last season, but at the end we will be judged on titles."

City make progress with Sane extension

Manchester City are hopeful Leroy Sane will sign a new deal at the Etihad after making progress with the winger’s representatives in the last fortnight. [via @Metro_Sport] Sane’s reps are seeking a far bigger deal and cited Anthony Martial’s bumper £190,000-a-week deal as proof of what the German could earn elsewhere. The two parties are... Continue Reading →

Pep on Mendy being at a night club

Pep Guardiola on Mendy being at a night club on Friday night: "They are old enough to know what they do. I am not his father. I would prefer for him to go to sleep earlier, but I am not in control of those situations. I am relaxed." [via @Sammy_Goal]

Pep on quadruple

Pep Guardiola: "I’m not in the minds of my players and the fans, to tell them what to think. If they want to dream and think about winning everything, I’m not a guy to say anything... But why should you talk about the Quadruple when in this country it has never happened before?" Pep Guardiola:... Continue Reading →

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