Chris Hughton on facing City

Brighton manager Chris Hughton on facing City: "It's foolish to go toe to toe. I'm not embarrassed to try and contain them. If you play open they have options and strategies to open you up, starting with a goalkeeper who can play a pass from 70 yards." Chris Hughton: "We want to start well. The... Continue Reading →

Zinchenko on his injury

Oleksandr Zinchenko on Instagram: "Good team performance [against Cardiff] and we have six more finals in [the] Premier League! Thanks for your support and messages - the injury is not so serious. Will come back stronger."

Jamie Redknapp on City level

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp on City: “We’re talking about one of the best sides in the world. For me, the best side I’ve seen in the Premier League. I played against the Invincibles and I just think this side are so good, total football.” [@SkySports] Jamie Redknapp: “I watched them against Fulham at the... Continue Reading →

Sterling bought tickets

Raheem Sterling has bought tickets and travel for 550 pupils at Ark Elvin Academy, his old school, for the FA Cup semi-final against Brighton. [via @MailSport] An insider said: "Raheem asked for 550 tickets for the game, which he paid for himself. It must have cost a fair bit. He wanted to do something for... Continue Reading →

John Arne Riise on Liverpool chances

John Arne Riise (ex-Liverpool): "We have won games this season that we would have normally lost. But City is so strong it would take a miracle to win the league because they are so strong. I cannot see them losing any more points. The one hope I have is [the] United [game]."

De Bruyne on his season

Kevin De Bruyne on his season: "It’s very difficult. I’m not going to compare myself to last year. My season has been very long. It feels like I’ve had double the length of season compared to the other players..." Kevin De Bruyne: "I’ve worked so hard to come back. I probably won’t have the level... Continue Reading →

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