Mahrez on squad and Pep demands

Riyad Mahrez: "Our squad includes potential starters only; everybody is good enough to play. We have two really good players in each position... Everybody challenges each other and tries to help one another improve. There's competition among us and I think it's a good thing." Riyad Mahrez: "Things are a little bit different with Pep.... Continue Reading →

Pep on Walker and Mendy

Pep Guardiola: "[Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy] are going to train, yesterday they didn’t train, they make recovery, I think Kyle feels a bit better and Benjamin recovered quite well I think. Possible contenders for tomorrow if the doctor doesn’t tell me the opposite."

Pep on Liverpool tie

Pep Guardiola on the Liverpool tie last season: "We lost but the way we play, the second half was cool the way we played. That happened last season, they showed it [their quality] in the Champions League, and now in the Premier League this season."

Pep on won trophies

Pep Guardiola: "Nobody counts it [Community Shield], that’s a question. That is a question, I would like an answer. The Community Shield maybe count for last season, but last season when we went to holiday it wasn’t there. In Spain and Germany it’s important." Pep Guardiola: "We have won two titles this season and three... Continue Reading →

Pep on City qualities

Pep Guardiola asked about City's qualities: "Quality of the organisation and the players. Our consistency and everyone pushing each other. I push the players and they push me and my staff push me to try again and again. Now we know what we are playing for."

Pep on Raheem Sterling tackling racism

Pep Guardiola on Raheem Sterling tackling racism: "I think he can handle it, he handles it well. Unfortunately it is a society problem for sure, I never understood why. Raheem didn’t choose the colour of his skin, nobody chooses it." Pep Guardiola: "We have to fight every day to eradicate it [racism] and make a... Continue Reading →

Pep on Spurs game

Pep Guardiola: "I never know before the game how fresh our legs and minds are. The mind controls the legs. All eight teams left in are contenders to win. This leg, a tough opponent we know quite well." Pep Guardiola: "This team has shown they are incredibly focused every three days, that’s why we are... Continue Reading →

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