Vincent Kompany on racism

Vincent Kompany on racism: “The upturn in racist abuse is worrying but at the same time it’s something that is good to be discussed so much, to ask ourselves the right question. The issue is a little bit deeper.”

Vincent Kompany: “I look at boardrooms, mechanisms of power and I don’t see a lot of diversity in that. When you ask for them to come up with policies to change the situation, you wonder whether the those boardrooms are capable of coming up with the appropriate solution.”

Vincent Kompany: “I would like to see more people of a diverse background actually being the bosses, editors-in-chief, the people that actually decide on what the public agenda is.”

Vincent Kompany: “I think that would make a big, big difference and would have a much bigger impact than just a punishment of individuals who probably carry a lot of their own problems on the table when they come to the stadiums.” [via ]

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