Sane extension in danger

Leroy Sané's situation has reached the stage where he is unsure whether a new long-term deal is beneficial to his career if he is not going to get the playing time he craves. [via @BleacherReport] The 23-year-old is not looking to cause any trouble and does not intend to cause a fuss publicly, but he... Continue Reading →

Bernardo on elimination and VAR

Bernardo Silva on last night: "I think the way the team played was very good, it was fantastic, especially after 2-1. But that's football. Now we have to focus on the Premier League and FA Cup, but it's not a very good feeling to have..." Bernardo Silva: "I think VAR is a good thing because... Continue Reading →

Bernardo on upcoming games

Bernardo Silva ahead of #MCITOT: "[It's] not time for revenge, [it's] time for another competition. Time to keep us alive in the title race. We will try to win the game in the same way we did today, knowing that we are playing against a very good team..." Bernardo Silva: "We know Liverpool are probably... Continue Reading →

Mendy on elimination

Benjamin Mendy on Instagram: "Disappointing result after this crazy game. Little details had [a] big impact, but we will come back for it [Champions League] very soon. We are f****n CITY!!"

Kompany on luck after match

@VincentKompany: “It was an intense game. Over the course of the two games, you have to go back to a few key moments: the penalty that we missed in the first game and the handball goal. We’re not complaining, but these were crucial moments.”

Fernandinho furious

@fernandinho after tonight’s @ChampionsLeague exit: "F**k VAR.” [via @MullockSMirror] Fernandinho has now just slammed a door on his way out of the Etihad Stadium. Emotions running high. [via @andyhampson]

Pep on elimination

Pep Guardiola: "It’s cruel but we have to accept it. Congratulations to Tottenham. Good luck to them in the next round.” Pep Guardiola: "I am so proud, especially of the fans. I never saw the stadium like today. We are sad for them but they know we have done everything. Football is unpredictable and unfortunately... Continue Reading →

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