Pep on next games

Pep: “In the first half we didn't create too much but of course it is what it is, we knew in these kind of games you play with intention and 92 pints is incredible - it is in our hands, we must win our next two games and our next one against Leicester." Pep: “It's... Continue Reading →

Pep on team defending

Pep: “We didn't concede one shot on target or one corner, we are a small team but we are smart, in the first half the pitch was so dry and it was slow but in teh second half we knew we had to score our goal.” Pep: "We controlled the long ball and we had... Continue Reading →

Aguero on win

Aguero: “I am so very happy for the win and now we have one week now to prepare for the next game. I think it was over the line! I am very happy with the goal because the first half we had chances. When I scored I enjoyed the moment with my team-mates.”

Pep on Liverpool improvement

Pep Guardiola: "The difference between this season and last season is one reason: Liverpool. We did the same but Liverpool are much, much better. The other clubs are in the same level but Liverpool have improved a lot..." Pep Guardiola: "...They have bought incredible players and been incredibly consistent, like us this season and last... Continue Reading →

Pep on next games

Pep Guardiola: "Maybe Brighton is better than us, maybe we play horrible in one of these three games - it happens. We have to try to avoid it but it can happen, but I will not judge the team [on that]..."

Laporte on Kompany influence

Aymeric Laporte on Vincent Kompany: "Vincent is a very good person and player. He makes me improve a lot myself when I play with him. He's just so good. On the pitch he helps me through games, always talking and advising what positions I should take up..." Aymeric Laporte: "He's won so many titles and... Continue Reading →

Burnley player on playing City

Ashley Barnes: "I probably have more Liverpool friends, but my seven-year-old son, Flynn, is a massive Man City fan. He’s not happy, he’s already said, ‘Come on Dad, serious.’ But I said ‘Sorry son, I’ve got to do my job.’" Ashley Barnes: "He won’t be supporting Burnley, that’s for sure. He will be City mad.... Continue Reading →

Pep on defending the PL

Pep Guardiola: "We want to win it. We are not going to say: ‘enough, the manager told us how good we are.’ We want to win the Premier League, for sure. Maybe more than last season, to do something unique in this club."

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