Atletico Otamendi talks begins

Atlético Madrid are very interested in signing Nicolas Otamendi, who is now close to making a move to the club. Atlético football director Andrea Berta has started contacts with Otamendi's agent, Jorge Mendes, in order to get the signing done in the summer. [via @diarioas]

Sterling on his targets

Raheem Sterling: "Last season I said to myself 'I want to score 15 in the league' then went on to score 18, and this season I've gone back and said 'I need to do better than last season.' " Raheem Sterling: "That's how it goes as a winger - if you can contribute those sort... Continue Reading →

David Silva can move to Japan

David Silva is reportedly weighing up a move to J-League outfit Vissel Kobe, but he has not yet made a final decision regarding his future. Silva is considering the move despite the fact that City officials still feel he is a vital part of the current squad. [via @ESPNFC]

Danilo agreed contract with Inter

An agreement for a ‘long contract’ (4 to 5 year contract) at Inter Milan has been agreed for Danilo with a slight reduction of salary. City would rather wait until the end of the season, but ‘won’t put up the barricades’ for his exit this summer. [via @Gazzetta_it]

City interested in defender

Pep Guardiola has reportedly identified Strasbourg defender Kenny Lala as a summer transfer target. Guardiola is hoping to increase his overall squad depth and Lala could be the ideal first summer signing, who is reported to cost around £12.8 million. [via @le10sport]

City get transfer boost

Atletico Madrid's current salary situation could force them to give up on renewing contracts of some of the important players. There is a possibility that an important player could leave the club in the summer, and Rodri isn’t ruled out. [via @diarioas] So far, the will of Rodri is to continue with his current club... Continue Reading →

Mourinho on Pep at City

Jose Mourinho: "I would love to go to a club and be in conditions to do what Jurgen [Klopp] and Pep [Guardiola] did. When Pep was not happy with the full-backs he had [at City in 2016/17], in the [next] summer bought full-backs that he liked.” Jose Mourinho: “When he bought one goalkeeper like Claudio... Continue Reading →

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