Pep on future improvements

Pep Guardiola: "We will be better, next season we will be stronger. I am sure. We will be stronger. We will be better." Pep Guardiola on improvement: "I think we attack much better. Teams when they face us that have a low low block, and incredible low block, that means 11 playing in the box... Continue Reading →

Pep on his feelings

Pep Guardiola: "There are no nerves at all. I am so happy about the situation. I am sleeping like a little boy. I love it, the whole of England, even Europe, will be watching us. There are no relegation issues, top four, just us and Liverpool to focus on..." Pep Guardiola: "It's a dream. We... Continue Reading →

Kompany compares title races

Vincent Kompany: "For me, experience is very important. I very vividly remember before the QPR game, and the second time, before the West Ham game. It was two completely different mind-sets, and the way we played the games were completely different as well..." Vincent Kompany: "I can feel that sense of calmness as it was... Continue Reading →

City continue pursuit of Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes' move to Manchester City will yield Sporting about €55m along with one or two players in the deal. This will be the biggest transfer in Sporting's history. The conclusion is near, but will not be made official until the end of the season. [via @ojogo] The two best-placed players to move to Sporting... Continue Reading →

City ready to pay release clause

From Atletico Madrid players, Pep Guardiola only has interest in Rodri, with previous claims about Saul quickly diminishing. The club are ready to pay the player’s €70m release clause, It would all come down to what the midfielder wants to do. [via @marca]

Laporte on his motivation

Aymeric Laporte: "Personally, I think the most important thought is to visualise myself with the trophy in my hands. That has been my motivation and something to look forward to." Aymeric Laporte: "When the last game is approaching, I have that thought in my mind, the vision that, if we win this game, we can... Continue Reading →

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