PL makes rule changes

The Premier League rule changes that will come into effect next season: Handball: From next season, if the ball hits an attackers arm in the build-up to a goal – be it accidental or otherwise – the goal will be disallowed.

Substitutions: From next season onwards, whenever a player is substituted, they no longer have to leave the field near to the dugouts. Instead they must leave the field at the nearest point, thus avoiding any pesky time-wasters who stroll off nonchalantly late on.

Free kicks: Attackers are no longer allowed in the wall at free kicks. The wall does have to contain at least three players however, at which point all attackers must be at least a metre away.

Penalty Kicks: The GK staying on the line at penalties rule is one that very rarely seems to be enforced fully. However IFAB are now stating that from next season GKs must have one foot on the line. GKs are also forbidden from touching the posts before the kick.

Cards for Coaches: Under new rules coaches will be dealt with the same punishment as players, with referees allowed to brandish yellow and red cards to managers and backroom staff. [Daily Mirror]

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