Pellegrini on his City mistake

on leaving City: “I said I would end my contract after three years. After that, I said we would see. Not just for me, but because of Ferran and Txiki’s plans to carry on their strategy with Pep Guardiola, who they had worked with for a long time…”

Manuel Pellegrini: “There is trust between those two and myself, so I was always kept in the loop about the plans to bring Guardiola to the club. I knew if he hadn’t wanted to come to City, they weren’t going to interview for a manager. They would come to me…”

Manuel Pellegrini: “It’s the same in the case of Sir Alex Ferguson. With all the experience and influence he had at United, he made his first retirement announcement several months early. He always described it as a mistake. I also describe mine as a mistake…”

Manuel Pellegrini: ”Because, as much as you don’t want it to be this way, the group has a tendency to relax. To start thinking about the next step. That’s why I say that as a manager you have to keep on learning. Carry on reading…” [via ]

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