Delph on City move

Fabian Delph: “When I was at Villa and I was captain there and I had the opportunity to go to City, it played on my mind I wouldn’t be as pivotal. So initially I didn’t want to go, but a lot of things happened behind the scenes and I realised I had to go.”

Fabian Delph: “I never thought I’d be playing 60 games a season for City. I knew at a club with that much power and resources there would always be a flood of players into the team. It wasn’t about playing week in, week out, it was about being part of a fantastic squad.”

Fabian Delph: “The aim was to win trophies and in the four seasons I’ve been there we’ve won seven. At the end of the day, I still came out with the same medals as the boys.”

Fabian Delph: “I’m quite experienced now and I’m very level-headed and my main focus was to help my team-mates. I always talk about being a team player, I think I’m really good team player. I was a big voice in the changing room before games and nothing really changed for me.”

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