City launch a legal challenge against UEFA FFP investigation

Manchester City has launched a legal challenge to block UEFA’s pursuit of a Champions League ban for violating spending regulations. City have asked CAS to throw out the case that has been passed by UEFA’s investigators to its judges. [via ]

Manchester City are challenging UEFA’s right to send the Financial Fair Play case from the investigatory to adjudicatory chamber for a sanction to be imposed. City is claiming there is no case to answer, challenging the legitimacy and haste of the investigation. [via ]

Marco Bellinazzo (financial expert in sports): “UEFA’s ruling on Manchester City is expected between 7-10 days. A more complex decision that is therefore still being considered by the judges. It is necessary to understand what UEFA investigators have in their hands…”

Marco Bellinazzo: “Football Leaks’ documents? I don’t think UEFA will exclude City due to them, but the question is if UEFA has the cards (which we do not know) of unpaid payments through Qatar. City would risk a lot on the basis of documents that we are not aware of…”

Marco Bellinazzo: “However, if we consider what we do know, I do not think there is a risk of exclusion. There is the possibility of a Milan-esque situation with an appeal to CAS, it is difficult to see City not play the CL next season.” [ via ]

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