Sterling compares PL and CL

Raheem Sterling would not swap winning the Premier League with Manchester City with Liverpool’s Champions League glory. [via @spbajko ]

Raheem Sterling: “I was really happy for them, happy for some of the players I know to lift the Champions League. For me, what we’ve done last season – every day, week in week out – was exceptional. It was a massive stepping stone to have belief in our squad…”

Raheem Sterling: “Since the manager has come in we’ve got stronger every year. The Champions League is massive for us as a club but our most important thing is winning the Premier League…”

Raheem Sterling: “That’s our main objective going into this season. Yes, it’d be nice to win the Champions League but first and foremost we want to win the league. The Premier League is your bread and butter, every weekend, what you train for every day…”

Raheem Sterling: “The Champions League is the nicer looking one […] but every weekend you put in a shift. You’re going to tough places – you’re off to Crystal Palace, Burnley – it’s tough you know? You put so much time into it.” [via @spbajko ]


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