Cancelo on his move, Pep and teammates

Joao Cancelo on when he knew about this move: “I knew the interest of Manchester City. I like to play for Juve, but I knew about the interest and I’m very happy to be here”
Joao Cancelo on Bernardo Silva: “Bernardo Silva always said this is an amazing place to be, and the style of play here is very good, and it is the ideal move for me to develop.”
Joao Cancelo: “I have a lot of belief in this club for the present and future, it is going to be one of the top teams in the world like it’s been in the past few years.”
Joao Cancelo on Pep Guardiola: “We didn’t have much time to talk but I took part in my first training session today and I got an idea of the style of play he wants and I’m here to help the team win trophies and improve as a player.”
Cancelo on Ederson and Bernardo Silva: “He [Ederson] never played together, but he’s a great goalkeeper and it’s a pleasure to play with him. Bernardo Silva is one of the best players in the world.”
Joao Cancelo on competition in this squad: “I knew about the competition, but I always have the dream to be the best in my position and only by playing with the best you can achieve that. Manchester City have those great players.”
Joao Cancelo on Pep Guardiola: “Pep was a big reason why I joined Manchester City. It’s not by chance that City have won the last two Premier Leagues and Domestic trophies last season. I love his character, he’s very detail-oriented and his style of play.”
Joao Cancelo: “I’m a right-back but I’m a very versatile player so I can play wherever Pep chooses me to play. This team has a lot of quality and I just want to add to that whatever way I can.”
Joao Cancelo: “Obviously the price is high for a right-back but that responsibility of the price will push me to be a better player and be more mature in decisions. I’m aware that Kyle Walker is a great player, but I always love challenges and I will fight for my place.”
Joao Cancelo on Pep and Allegri: “They are both different managers, the Italian style has nothing to do with Pep Guardiola’s style. Both are great managers and I learn a lot from Allegri but everyone talks about Pep Guardiola and I hope he can make me a better player.”

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