Bernardo on City-Monaco games

@BernardoCSilva on his conversation with Pep Guardiola in 2017 after losing 5-3 against Manchester City: “After the game, I was doing interviews and we crossed eachother. He came to me and he said ‘congratulations on the game. You’re a very good player…’”
Bernardo Silva: “‘Keep going this way’. So we had a quick chat – nothing special. He congratulated me on what I was doing at Monaco.” [via@BBCSounds]
@BernardoCSilva on the atmosphere in first-leg of the City/Monaco tie: “You think, one day I would like to play in these kind of atmospheres. It wasn’t just me – I remember Mendy talking about it, Mbappe; we were talking about the atmosphere in England.” [via @BBCSounds]

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