City suffer setback

In first leg against Tottenham Guardiola surprised everybody with starting XI and tactics. Delph started as left-back and Otamendi as Laporte partner. City played with two defensive midfielders Fernandinho, Gundogan and David Silva as only advanced midfielder. Sterling played on right, Mahrez on left and Aguero as center forward after returning from little injury. Bernardo Silva wasn’t included in squad because of knock, De Bruyne, Sane and Stones were left on bench. Pep choose to play defensive game without risking to expose defense. Delph and Walker didn’t help attack often and stayed on their positions. City started to control ball from the start but most of their passing was between defenders. Raheem Sterling after successful dribbling run made shot that was blocked by Rose hand and Aguero on 11 minute from penalty had chance to score goal but his shot on right was saved by keeper. Spurs attack ended with long shots or long passes that were handled by City. Delph often lost his position, Laporte and Otamendi made rush challenges. City midfield failed to advance ball to attack and defenders were forced to make long balls that ended City attacks. Mahrez looked out of place and was too slow, often losing individual duels.Sterling to struggled on left wing. Tottenham had only one good chance after pass from wing Kane made from penalty box saved by Ederson. After first half Guardiola didn’t make chances and continued with conservative approach Aguero looked out of form and struggled to win duels, Mahrez and Sterling too didn’t produce anything. City got boost after Kane suffered injury and Pochettino was forced to change him for Lucas Moura. Man City started to control game even more but their attacks didn’t produce anything meaningful most attacks ended with failed crosses. After 70 minute Gabriel Jesus came for Aguero but he didn’t change dynamic of attacks. Spurts scored on 78 minute after Eriksen chip ball Son took ball near touching line and dribbled past Delph and Gundogan failed to close down Korean forward and made low shot that ended in goal. Guardiola didn’t make changes until 89 minute when De Bruyne, Sane came for David Silva, Mahrez but half chances that City had after De Bruyne passes didn’t end in anything. Now City must overcome one goal deficit at the Etihad stadium. Guardiola tactics were too conservative and his in game management was very bad.


City get easy win

In away game against Fulham Pep named team without two wingers Bernardo played on right and midfield contained David Silva, De Bruyne and Gundogan, Otamendi, Laporte played as center backs. City from first minutes took control of game and started to create chances. First goal came after Fulham lost ball trying to play from back and Bernardo Silva made great low shot in corner from outside box on 5 minute. After first goal City continued to create chances but quality of their chances was pretty low. Sterling and Aguero had great chances but their shots from around 10-12 meters were blocked by defender or deflected by keeper without problems. In first 15 minutes City made more than 10 shots. Some decision making by David Silva and De Bruyne left questions, Belgian midfielder often played as most advanced midfielder but sometimes dropped deeper to advance ball. Raheem Sterling struggled with his shooting and dribbling attempts often failed. After first 15 minutes Fulham started to enjoy more possession and made first shot after free kick but their possession for most part was sterile. City scored second goal on 27 minute came again after failed attempt to play from back and Aguero scored with chip ball. Couple minutes later City should have penalty after foul on Sterling but referee didn’t see it. After second goal and half time City continued to control game but didn’t try to score goal just used possession to kill game. After 55 minute Aguero was subbed off as precaution for Gabriel Jesus. Only good chance Man City had after quick attack when Walker hit post after Sterling pass. On 75 minute Fernandinho came for De Bruyne and in the end of game Mahrez came for Sterling who lost possession and made foul close to penalty box. Fulham didn’t create any chances until end of game and City got easy three points. Destiny of title race continues to be in City hands.


Man City destroy Schalke

In home game against Schalke Pep because of injuries and disqualifications he started Laporte, Danilo as starting center-backs and played Sane as left winger, it was first time in long time that Sane, Sterling started together. From first minutes took control of possession but they struggled to create openings two City attacking midfielders Bernardo and David Silva were guilty of making simple mistakes and losing balls. In first 20 minutes Leroy Sane was passive and struggled to dribble or link up with teammates, Sergio Aguero often play by himself and don’t see teammates his individual efforts ended up in failures. City tempo was extremely slow first chance was created after Walker pass to Sterling who run behind defenders back and made cut back to Aguero who hit post shooting in empty net. After that City again struggled to create any chances. First goal was scored from penalty by Aguero after Bernardo was hold when he tried to reach Gundogan pass. Second goal was scored by Aguero between keeper legs in near corner after back hill pass from Sterling who again made run behind defenders back after Gundogan long pass. Third goal was scored by Sane from wide again between keeper legs after Zinchecko made pass to his run behind full-back. Gundogan was best and most creative player in team. Second half started with another incredible long pass by Gundogan to Sane for 1 vs 1 against keeper but his shot was wide couple minutes later he scored goal that was canceled because of offside. Fourh goal was scored by Sterling after Sane pass from one side to another, and Sane provided another assist to Bernardo who scored form central position in penalty box after German cut back. City made changes around 60 minute Jesus, Foden came for Aguero and David Silva. Young City graduate scored sixth goal after Sane dribble and pass he passed Schalke keeper and scored in empty net. Interesting changes happened after third City substitution two central defenders were Walker, Danilo and two full backs were Zinchenko and Delph. Last goal of game seventh was scored by Gabriel Jesus in near corner after keeper mistake. City won game 7-0 and await to find opponent in CL quarter-final. This game hardly can say about City chances against top teams and some individual performances like David Silva’s left some questions.


Sterling leads City to win

In home game against Watford City faced huge problems and struggled to create good chances for long time. In first half Watford played with back five and as result City struggled to create overloads and good chances. Biggest vulnerability that Pep Guardiola showed as coach in Bayern and now City is that against five defenders his teams often struggle to create spaces and chances. First 10-15 minutes of game City started aggressively and created one dangerous chance after Mahrez pass David Silva header was wide but aside from that City crosses often were handled by Watford defenders without problems. City wide players Sterling and Mahrez played in more inside roles, on right wing Bernardo helped with width in City attacks on the left Zinchenko was often positioned wide and made crosses that didn’t result in any shots. David Silva played advanced role and tried to find space between lines but struggled to find spaces. Sterling and Mahrez struggled with dribbling and passing their decision making raised many questions. Only truly dangerous attack for rest of first half was created around 30 minute after Bernardo cross Aguero was free but his header was wide. City last 15 minutes of first half played more crosses, lob passes or long passes from Ederson that didn’t create anything. After first half City got lucky break after Aguero pass to Sterling who was offside Watford defender clearance hit Raheem and after deflection goal was scored, referee made mistake and didn’t see Sterling offside. Minute later City scored second goal after combination and David Silva pass to Mahrez Algerian winger made low cross to free Sterling who scored easy tap in inside six yard box. City controlled possession David Silva dropped deeper and was more involved in game around 60 minute his through ball to Sterling behind defenders back resulted in Sterling dribbling and third goal. Immediately after that Sane came for Sterling. Couple minutes later after third goal long free kick from Watford keeper ended with Troy Deeney who only came to game winning duel against Kompany and making header pass to another substituted player Delofeu who scored goal from 1 vs 1 position against Ederson. In conceded goal biggest responsibility had Otamendi who had chance to intercept ball but decided not two because he didn’t see behind his back Delofeu. For rest of match visitors had more possession than before that but they made only one more shot until end of game from free-kick on 92 minute. City had multiple 1 vs 1 against Watford but Sane, Bernardo were wasteful also Jesus who came for Aguero passed goalkeeper but at last second his shot in empty net was blocked by defender. Overall City conceded only two shots in this game and thanks to good fortune were able to open score early in second half and create many great chances after Watford were forced to attack more. Destiny of title is in City hands who have one point lead against Liverpool.


City show resilience

In away game against Bournemouth City started game with Otamendi, Stones as center backs, Bernardo, Sterling as wingers and Gundogan as deepest midfielder, From start of the game City controlled ball but struggled to create anything with it Bournemouth played extremely defensive 5-4-1 and tried to don’t allow City overload wide areas with playing five defenders. Biggest problem for City was David Silva poor form and as result his combinations with Sterling on left didn’t work and often last pass was bad. On right Bernardo struggled to create anything his lack of pace made attacks predictable and slow most City attacks ended with crosses from De Bruyne and others to isolated Aguero. At around 20 minute did make first good combination of game after Bernardo pass to De Bruyne behind defenders back after which KDB made cut back to free David Silva around 13-15 meters but his shot was weak and wide. For rest of first half City possession was sterile and predictable in last minutes of first half De Bruyne got injury and was substituted for Mahrez. Immediately after break Kompany came for injured Stones. City continued to enjoy most of possession and eventually after combination between Zinchenko and David Silva Mahrez scored goal in near corner. Bournemouth opened up after conceding goal but struggled to create even half chance. City had numerous opportunities to score second goal on counter attacks but failed with last action. In one moment Sterling had 1vs1 opportunity after Bernardo through ball but his shot at near post was saved by keeper. After that Sterling attempt to bypass keeper and score in empty net was intercepted by keeper which was followed up by Mahrez volley outside penalty box in empty net that was off mark. Sergio Aguero long lob shot behind keeper back hit post after home team keeper Boruc made touch that changed trajectory. Boruc made another great save after header from Mahrez from corner inside six penalty box. Bournemouth made long balls until end of game that didn’t create anything. Home team didn’t made one shot in game and didn’t have one corner, City defensively totally controlled the game. This wasn’t best City performance and team looked tired after tough schedule, but they did get important win. After Liverpool draw against Everton, Manchester club are top of the PL table and destiny of title are in Guardiola team hands.


City keep pressure on Liverpool

Pep Guardiola made significant changes compare to last game against Chelsea because of injuries. City started with Otamendi, Kompany as central defenders, Danilo as right back, Gundogan as defensive midfielder and Sane, Mahrez as starting wingers. Immediately from the start home team started to create chances after David Silva pass Mahrez volley from 7-8 meters was too high, immediately after that De Bruyne made low cross after which David Silva hit post from inside six yard box, couple minutes later De Bruyne made shot from 13-14 meters again too high. First 10 minutes City didn’t have problems creating chances but were extremely wasteful. De Bruyne sometimes dropped deeper to help advance ball, David Silva played more advanced and closer to Sane. Mahrez often was left isolated on right wing but he was to slow and predictable in his game. After starting minutes City struggled to create great chances often players made passes and there was big miscommunication between players. Sane, Mahrez were often caught offside and showed low intensity in their play, there were numerous times in quick attacks miscommunications between Mahrez and De Bruyne which destroyed good situations for City, Sane looked completely uninterested in game, David Silva struggled to create plus Aguero dropped deep to link-up with team but struggled to win duels in penalty box or near it. Most of first half City were left frustrated. After half-time best chance got West Ham after Carroll shot which was saved by Ederson it was West Ham first shot in game. Around 55 minute Guardiola made two changes Bernardo Silva, Sterling came for Sane and Mahrez. After this changes City started to play with more intensity and more direct, Bernardo run in penalty box ended with Felipe Anderson fouling him after which Aguero opened score from penalty, Couple minutes later after, Bernardo cut-back ended with Sterling shot that was saved by Fabianski and followed shot from David Silva was saved by West Ham player from empty net. After that Sterling dribbling run ended with shot from outside penalty box which was saved by keeper. For rest of game West Ham struggled to create any meaningful chances, at the same time City wasted number of good counter attacking opportunities one of which ended in Sterling shot from 9-10 meters after Bernardo pass but it was mishit and wide. Last 10 minutes of game City just wasted time and ended game without problems, Man City won game 1-0 but created enough chances to win game by 3 goals minimum, at the same time performances by Sane and Mahrez were hugely disappointed, After this win City continue to chase Liverpool who have 1 point more than Man City.


City win first trophy

In Carabao Cup final against Chelsea Guardiola started with Zinchenko as left-back, De Bruyne and David Silva as number eights, Bernardo Silva, Sterling on wings and Aguero as forward. Chelsea started with Hazard as false nine and in many ways repeated tactics that helped them this season to win at home against City 2-0. Chelsea conceded possession and City controlled ball most of the time but they struggled to open up Chelsea Laporte made numerous mistakes with his passing. City tried to isolate Sterling on left side and overload right side with Bernardo, De Bruyne and Walker in this game Walker made many overlap runs unlike most of this season. City started to create openings and fine some rhytm after De Bruyne dropped deeper and his long passing find players between lines. David Silva played more centrally between lines but struggled to make good decisions and was ineffective. First shot in game came after 20 minutes when Bernardo made pass from flank and Aguero shot ball from around 10-12 meters too high, Then around 35 minute Aguero made shot from around 18 meters that was saved by Kepa. Chelsea only dangerous moment came after Laporte was overrun by Hazard but his shot was blocked. Generally speaking it was quite poor and boring first half. In second half Kompany came for injured Laporte. City started more aggressively but still didn’t create anything De Bruyne last pass was off. Hazard started to exploit space behind Kompany in one moment Otamendi won 1 vs 1 duel against Belgian attacker in penalty box, in another run Hazard dribbled past Kompany and made pass to Kante who shot from 6-7 meters too high. Game became more open in last 20 minutes Chelsea enjoyed more ball and had some good situations. City counter attacks didn’t result in great chances one of them ended in free-kick from around 20 meters that De Bruyne wasted. Guardiola made two changes in last 20 minutes Gundogan came  for David Silva and Sane for De Bruyne. Bernardo started to play in midfield and Sterling on right side. Last couple minutes of full-time Chelsea had couple dangerous situations after Walker mistakes but Chelsea free-kick didn’t create anything and Hazard was offside when he run for 1 vs 1 against Ederson, In last minute Fernandinho got injury and was substituted for Danilo who played in extra-time as defensive midfielder. In extra time Chelsea enjoyed large chunk of possession but City had best opportunities in second extra time after counter attack Aguero shot from 18 meters was saved by Kepa and in other moment after Sterling dribble he made pass to Aguero whose shot in empty net was blocked by Azlpilicueta. Chelsea keeper Kepa asked in last minutes two times for doctors and Sarri tried to substitute him for Caballero but he refused to leave pitch, after this incident Sarri lost control. In penalty shot-out Ederson saved first penalty from Jorginho and Kepa after that saved Sane shot, but immediately David Luis hit the post and Sterling with last penalty that touched bar win first trophy this season for City. This game brouth City trophy but left questions about quality of football, Guardiola tactics and two key players suffered injuries. Now Man City must prepare for Wednesday PL game against West Home at home after long exhausting game with mini injury crisis.


Man City show character

In away game against Schalke Guardiola because of Stones injury deployed tactics similar to game against Arsenal and played only three nominal defenders with Fernandinho playing as center back without ball and in more advance position in possession. Gundogan played as number six and David Silva and De Bruyne as number eight, In attack played Bernardo, Aguero and Sterling. City started to control ball from the start and in first minutes De Bruyne long pass to free Aguero resulted in shot that was blocked. City tried to attack from wide positions couple Sterling dribbles ended in dangerous low crosses that didn’t find City player. There were often miscommunication between City players and bad passes that ended good attacks. Schalke opened a lot of spaces for visiting team but last ball was lacking. Sergio Aguero struggled to link up with teammates and hold ball too much. City scored after Schalke lost ball near their box after trying to play from back and David Silva passed to Aguero who scored in empty net. City continued to enjoy most of possession but struggled to create great chance, golden opportunity arrived after Schalke lost ball again but City failed to materialize 3 vs 1 opportunity after Sterling bad pass to David Silva. Schalke attack were predictable and didn’t create any problems. Problems arrived when De Bruyne lost ball in middle of pitch and Schalke made quick attack which ended in shot that hit Otamendi hand. After consultation penalty was appointed, Otamendi received yellow card and Bentaleb scored it. Couple minutes later after Otamendi bad clearance David Silva fouled German player and when free-kick was played Fernandinho hold Schalke player and home team earned second penalty. Fernandinho received yellow card which will see him missing next CL game. Bentaleb again scored penalty. After half-time City played more aggressively and created immediately couple good opportunities but shots were little bit wide. Because of Aguero bad link up play away team didn’t create couple great opportunities. De Bruyne, David Silva struggled to create and Bernardo Silva on wing lack of speed made City predictable. Guardiola lack of changes given struggles was baffling, until Otamendi got second yellow card and was send off around 70 minutes Guardiola didn’t made changes. After that David Silva was substituted for Kompany and couple minutes later Aguero for Sane. Sane started to play on left wing and Sterling as center forward. After sending off City continued to have more possession and attack but struggled to create. Equaliser came after Sane amazing free kick from around 30 meters on 85 minute. Schalke after that started to play aggressively and City used that with Ederson long ball ended Sterling running behind Schalke defense and getting 1 vs 1 opportunity against keeper on 90 minute which he used. Last couple minutes City see off game and now are in great position to advance in quarter final but level of performance was low and Guardiola tactics left many questions.


City outclass Chelsea

Pep Guardiola in game against Chelsea made few changes most surprising was Zinchenko start as left-back also David Silva was left on bench for De Bruyne who played in midfield with Gundogan and Fernandinho. Stones; Laporte played as starting center-backs and Sterling played on left wing, Bernardo on right and Aguero as striker. First few minutes Chelsea had a ball and made few interesting combinations which didn’t result in good shots. But immediately after that City opened score after De Bruyne made quick pass from free kick to unmarked Bernardo on wing who made low cross in penalty box which resulted in Sterling goal after shot from close range. Couple minutes later after City overload on left wing De Bruyne made low cross to Bernardo after which Portuguese made dribbling run and low cross to Aguero who was free but Argentinian missed from six yards in empty net. Couple minutes later after passing between defenders City bypassed Chelsea press and Aguero scored great goal outside box in high corner. Chelsea tried to create chances mainly through Hazard but struggled to find any chances. On 18 minute after Barkley header behind Chelsea defenders back resulted in Aguero scoring third City goal in this match. After that City continued to attack Aguero was dispossessed in Chelsea box but ball bounced to Gundogan whose low shot outside box resulted in fourth goal on 24 minuted. After that Chelsea created couple opportunities, one was Pedro 1 vs 1 against Ederson which was saved by Brazilian keeper. Last 20 minutes of first half City allowed Chelsea to have more ball, dropped intensity and struggled to bypass Chelsea press but visitors failed to use this opportunity. After half-time City again started to play more aggressively De Bruyne cross ended with Aguero header hitting post. After that Sterling bypassed Azpilicueta who fouled him in penalty box, Aguero scored his third goal from spot. City continued to dominate game but started to play with less intensity. Gabriel Jesus came for Aguero and Mahrez for De Bruyne after 60 minute. Sterling after run with his pass created 1 vs 1 opportunity for Gabriel Jesus but he failed to score in large part because of David Luiz push which was unnoticed by referee. After 70 minute David Silva came for Fernandinho and couple minuted later his pass to open Zinchenko ended with Ukrainian low cross to Sterling who scored easy tap-in and made score 6-0. Last 10 minutes of game were calm and City see of game. Man City were able to exploit Chelsea weakness in defense mainly full-backs and return at the top of Premier League table though they played one more match than Liverpool who level on points with them.


City go to top of the league

In away game against Everton Pep Guardiola made significant changes compare to previous game against Arsenal, City started with four nominal defenders Laporte, Walkers played as full-backs, Otamendi and Stones as center-backs. Gundogan played as number eight with David Silva, Sane and Bernardo played as wingers. City started game nervously with losing possession numerous times and making bad, sloppy passes. Leroy Sane with David Silva were guilty of easy mistakes and careless possessions. First ten minutes of game were nervous and Everton put visitors under big pressure but their attacks didn’t result in dangerous chances. City played with three center backs in possession and Walker played as inverted full-back in midfield. After that City got great opportunity from corner but Laporte missed header in open net. Couple minutes later after Sane, David Silva combination on flank Spaniard low cross ended with Gundogan shot from six-yard box in bar. City had numerous good opportunities for quick attacks but they were wasted mainly because of David Silva, Sane poor plays. German winger made enormous amount of poor first touches and his final ball was atrocious. City combination for rest of first half were predictable and slow. In some moments in possession Stones played as midfielder and Walker as central defender. Everton only dangerous chance came after cross and header which after deflection from Walker was little wide. First goal of game came after free kick from Silva ended with Laporte scoring header at added time. After first half Everton started to play more attacking football but their attempts didn’t result in good chances. City had numerous good chances for counter attacks but they were wasted. City dangerous attacks came after wide combination between Gundogan and Bernardo, after which Bernardo header was saved and following bicycle shot from Aguero was little wide. Sane was substituted for Sterling around 60 minute. Sterling was in numerous great positions but his dribbling was bad or shots blocked. one of his shots after deflection almost resulted in goal but was little bit to high. Aguero struggled to be involved in game and link-up play was poor. Everton had more ball but their attacks resulted in bad crosses. After 80 minute Gabriel Jesus came for Aguero couple minutes later after Walker poor pass Everton got opportunity for quick attacks but Ederson came out quickly and intercepted pass. On 88 minute De Bruyne came for David Silva. Last minutes City held ball near corner flags and waited for final whistle. Everton wasn’t able to deliver ball in City penalty area. On last minute of stoppage time De Bruyne pass left Jesus 1vs1 against keeper his chip ball failed but deflected shot he followed with header in empty net and made score 2-0. City are now at the top of PL table but besides result quality of football and Pep tactics left many questions.


Man City outclass Arsenal

After loss to Newcastle Guardiola made significant changes in City line-up. Only three nominal defenders in Laporte, Otamendi and Walker started. Gundogan, Fernandinho, Bernardo, David Silva and De Bruyne all played together for first time this season. Sterling played on left side instead of right and Aguero as lone forward. In possession City played with three defenders, without ball Fernandinho dropped deeper and played as central defender. Laporte, Walker played as tucked inside full-backs occasionally played wide or moved wide to press Arsenal. City scored in first minute after Laporte dispossessed Iwobi in penalty box and made cross to Aguero which header from six yard box ended in goal. Couple minutes later City should had penalty after De Bruyne pass Aguero was grabbed by Mustafi but referee didn’t make a call. After that City made numerous attacks from wide which ended with dangerous crosses. Laporte goal after De Bruyne cross from free-kick was canceled because of offside. After starting pressure Arsenal started to bypass City press and made couple counterattacks. One of visitors attacks resulted in corner after which Koscielny scored goal. City continued to attack wide with David Silva, Sterling on left and Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne on right but most of their attacks ended in crosses to nobody, team lacked rhythm and looked disjointed. They made many sloppy passes and made many turnovers. Arsenal was able to make numerous attacks and bypass City press without problem game was even from Arsenal goal until final minutes of first half. Only in the end of first half City upped the tempo and after Gundogan chip ball Sterling made cut back to Aguero who scored in open net. After break City started immediately attack Arsenal and didn’t allow them to cross their own half with ball, Couple of dangerous attacks ended in shots which were saved by Leno also couple great moments ended with bad passing. Third goal was scored after Sterling run and low cross Aguero scored in open net with unintentional hand but referee didn’t see it. Home team totally controlled game with Gundogan played key part in this as deep midfielder. Couple more chances were created by City but weren’t converted. Arsenal in second half didn’t make a shot and were totally dominated. One of negatives were that Guardiola didn’t made changes until last 10 minutes and players may be tired for Everton game on Wednesday. City won game without problems after picking up intensity in second half and now hope that Liverpool will drop points in away game against West Ham.


Man City show fragility

In away game against Newcastle first time this season Fernandinho, De Bruyne and David Silva started game together also Sane, Sterling, Aguero played in forward line. Only problems were with City full-backs Danilo was forced as left-back and out of form Walker again started. City scored on first minute after long ball Sterling run behind defenders and made cross to David Silva who with header played ball back to Aguero and Argentinian scored in empty net. After that instead of killing game City started to play very slow and sloppy. All midfielders made many bad passes and lost possessions numerous times, Danili and Walker as inverted full-backs were very poor in possession and made numerous mistakes. Fernandinho struggled not only in possession but also his defensive game was very bad. City forwards were isolated and weren’t involved in game, Sane, Sterling dribbling attempts failed and Aguero was forced to drop deep. After goal until 30 minute City didn’t create any chances, after that Guardiola team had numerous great opportunities in counter attacks to kill game but mainly because of Aguero poor play all attacks ended even without shot. Second half started with City attacks, they created couple opportunities main one was Sane low cross after which Sterling missed ball for tap in. Visitors game continued to be nervous and sloppy. De Bruyne was subbed of for Bernardo Silva immediately after that Newcastle scored after long ball and couple bounces Rondon shot from ground ended in goal. Guardiola made another substitution Gabriel Jesus came for Sane but City game didn’t improve, all attacks were to slow and predictable. Final blow for Manchester club came after Fernandinho lost ball in own penalty area and fouled on Newcastle player. Home team scored from penalty and last 15 minutes City were trailing, last substitution of Gundogan for Danilo made team play even poorer, slower and more predictable until end of game City didn’t create anything and lost. This is third time this season including Palace, Leicester losses that City scored first goal and lost game after that, more importantly in all games City didn’t create anything when they chased in games. After this loss title hopes pretty much dead and Cup competitions will determine City season as success or failure.


City cruise past Huddersfield

In away game against Huddersfield Pep Guardiola made few changes Otamendi started and Gundogan, De Bruyne as starting pair of numbers eight. City started game very slowly most passing was between defenders. Gundogan, De Bruyne struggled to be involved in game, Danilo and Walker were uncomfortable playing as inverted full backs and didn’t provide any good passing. Sane and Sterling attempts to create find spaces and dribble past defenders. City should get penalty after De Bruyne pass to Sterling, English winger made run which ended Huddersfield defender making foul on Sterling but referee didn’t see it. Most City attacks ended with Fernandinho long passes behind defenders back that didn’t find Sterling or Sane. Aguero struggled to find ball also his link up play was bad. Score was opened after Danilo long shot was deflected by home team defender. City numerous quick attacks ended with bad final passes by Gundogan or De Bruyne. Overall first half performance by City was arguably worst this season. After half time City became more active and started attacking through flanks by Sane and Sterling. One of this attacks after many passes ended with Sane making cross to Sterling who scored header from six yard box, Sane was in small off side when De Bruyne passed to him. Couple minutes later after City press Huddersfield lost ball close to own penalty area and Aguero pass ended with Sane 1 vs 1 against goalkeeper and calmly scoring goal. Last 30 minutes City just calmly saw off game. After average performance against worst team in Premier League, Guardiola team continue to chase Liverpool who are four points ahead of City.


Man City stay in title race

Pep Guardiola in game against Wolves made changes with Gabriel Jesus starting as forward and Danilo as left-back. Visitors have excellent defense and got most points in games against top six clubs. Game started nervous with City struggling to create any chance. Man City passing was bad and numerous times lost possessions. City goal was result of Laporte long ball behind to Sane after which German made low cross to Jesus and he scored in empty goal from six yard box. After goal game continued to be slow Danilo and Walker were uncomfortable in possession and slowed down or broken down City attacks. Bernardo Silva played closer to touching line with sterling playing more inside but still Man City struggled to create any chances. Sane and David Silva hardly were able to combine with each other most of the time attacks from left side ended in failed crosses. Game was changed after Boli dangerous challenge on Bernardo Silva resulted in red card for Wolves player. After that City still hardly created any chances and visitors get great chance from quick attack after Laporte lost duel in the center of the pitch but final pass was too wide. City scored from penalty by Gabriel Jesus after Sterling was fouled in penalty box. Most individual performances were average by City players. After first half home side continued to control game only problems by Wolves were created by Adama Traore who came from bench, Laporte struggled to cope with him but Fernandinho was key in helping defense against Traore. City scored after De Bruyne cross resulted in own goal by Coady. Also Sterling had chance after Sane dribble and pass but his 1 vs 1 was saved by goalkeeper. Game was low intensity and City see off game without problems. In this game City were lucky, Wolves conceded penalty, red card and own goal. Worrying thing was level of performances by players with only Fernandinho was outstanding and team was sluggish but this result kept them in title race.


Man City get important win

In away game against Southampton Guardiola time get injury boost with David Silva and Fernandinho returned to starting eleven. Zinchenko, Danilo played as full-backs with Kompany and Laporte were center-back pairing. Mahrez, Sterling and Aguero started in attack. City created chance at start of the game after Sterling won ball back in Southampton penalty area and pass ball back to David Silva which shot from 9-10 meters was saved by goalkeeper. Most attacks City made from right with Mahrez and Bernardo Silva combining with each other after one of those attacks Bernardo made cut back to David Silva after which Spaniard scored. Couple minutes later after combination on right Sterling made low cross to Aguero but Argentinian shot right at keeper. City made fantastic quick attack from back after which Mahrez made shot from 16-17 meters which was wide but most disappointing thing was that Sterling was open in better position but Algerian missed. After missing multiple great chances City conceded after Zinchenko lost ball 30 meters away from City goal and Hojbjerg scored with powerful high shot. After that visitors lost control of game and became nervous but in the end of first half visitors get lucky break after Sterling cross Ward-Prowse scored own goal and in added time after Zinchenko cross Aguero scored header. In second half City started to attack from left and Sterling missed 1 vs 1 against goalkeeper plus his low cross Aguero wasn’t able to end with goal his shot was blocked. Bernardo Silva played deeper and helped to control game from midfield. Southampton made numerous dangerous challenges in second half, one of them by Hojbjerg on Fernandinho ended with straight red card. Mahrez got in the end after Jesus pass who came for Aguero great chance but shot straight at home team keeper. Guardiola team bounce back after two losses in a row and overtook Tottenham in PL table. It is tough to draw any conclusions after this game given quality of opposition. more about City form we will know when they will play Liverpool at Etihad Stadium in 3 January.


City suffer another loss

In game against Leicester Guardiola made 4 channges Aguero started instead of Aguero, Danilo instead of Walker, Stones as defender instead of Otamendi and De Bruyne was in starting 11. Game started predictably with City having possession and home side played in deep block. De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva changed positions with each other, forwards didn’t rotate. City were able to score from first chance created after Laporte pass to Aguero, Argentinian gave short pass to Bernardo that opened Leicester defense and Portuguese scored from  1 vs 1 positions against Schmeichel. Couple minutes later City lost ball in the middle of pitch and home side made quick attack, Vardy made cross to Albrighton on far post that was left unmarked by Delph and scored without problems. City full-backs were horrendous in defending and almost every attack from flanks resulted in dangerous moment. In one episode Bernardo made bad pass that resulted in Vardy 1 vs 1 against Ederson which was saved by Brazilian. City created couple of chances after De Bruyne penetrative passes to Sane but first Aguero missed from 7-8 meters after cut-back and other time Sane passed ball instead of shooting that was intercepted. Raheem Sterling was horrendous in this game, he wasn’t able dribble or pass the ball and destroyed couple great chances that City had. Generally speaking only De Bruyne was able to make positive things in attack for City other were very bad. After break City continued to have the ball but hardly created anything most of possession was sterile and in final third attacks broke down after bad passes or failed dribbling attempts, Leicester were more dangerous than City with the ball. City game suffered huge drop off after Pep substituted De Bruyne for David Silva, after that home team enjoyed far more possession. City conceded goal from shot outside box by Pereira after he picked ball from Sane clearance after corner. City in last 10 minutes didn’t create anything players looked in this game exhausted and without ideas most City attacks ended in crosses to nobody. Most damning about lack of good chance is that Leicester gave City a lot of space to create chances but bad performance by attackers didn’t allow to capitalize on this. Only important thing that happened in last minutes was that Delph received straight red after horrendous challenge and will miss next 3 games including game against Liverpool. After this loss it is tough for City to compete for title with Liverpool given that they are 7 points ahead, Guardiola must make changes to save this season for Man City.


City suffer title set back

Man City lost at home to Crystal Palace 2-3 which is one of biggest upsets in last couple of years. Pep Guardiola selection proved to be biggest problem, Spaniard coach started Stones as defensive midfielder with Walker as starting right-back who looked bad last month, Gundogan as number 8 who isn’t convincing in that role and Gabriel Jesus as forward who hardly showed anything convincing in last 12 months. Game started with City having most possession but it become obvious from start that Stones is to slow on ball and his passing was backwards most of the times, attacks looked slow and without rhythm. Gundogan played close to Sterling on right and they hardly were involved in game and looked isolated. On left close to each other played Bernardo Silva and Sane ,from their zone City created most dangerous situations after combination between them Sterling shot from 12-13 meters open but mishit ball after which Bernardo shot from six yard box was blocked. Walker and Delph played more inside and rarely made overlapping runs. City scored after Delph cross and Gundogan header German made supportive run in penalty box. After goal City conceded after Stones failed tackle and Walker backed down against Crystal Palace player he shoot without pressure in far corner. Couple minutes later after Kyle Walker lost possession he made stupid foul 40 meters from goal. After Crystal Palace set-piece Bernardo Silva made bad header clearance and Andres Townsend scored incredible volley from outside box. In last 10 minutes of first half City didn’t create anything. After half-time Guardiola didn’t made changes but five minutes later Aguero came for Otamendi with Stones playing as defender now and Delph more as midfielder. City conceded goal almost immediately Crystal Palace hit the post and get rebound after which Walker made terrible challenge which resulted in penalty, Ederson wasn’t able to save. Then De Bruyne came for Delph and Mahrez for Sterling, City struggled to create any chances, their attacks resulted in crosses which nobody was able to close. Until 84 minute Man City didn’t create anything, after that De Bruyne cross resulted in accidental goal behind keeper back. Team in last 10 minutes was able to create couple dangerous chances, but two dangerous De Bruyne crosses were ruined by Gabriel Jesus, first he touched pass to Bernardo Silva who was free when he was offside and after that his header was too high. Sergio Aguero in last 40 minutes didn’t made a shot and looks out of form after injury. Combination of individual mistakes, incredible goals and bad team selection resulted in City loss and now Guardiola side is 4 points behind Liverpool.


City overcome Everton

Pep Guardiola side after defeat against Chelsea showed resilience and kept Liverpool withing touching distance. City started Otamendi with Laporte as center-back pairing and Gundogan played as number 8 because of David Silva injury. Game started in relatively slow pace most of City possession was between defenders and midfielders, Gabriel Jesus was forced drop deep to link up with team, Fernandinho in first 20 minuted made many bad passes and City were often sloppy in possession. First dangerous moment of game was created by Everton after Kyle Walker lost possession from Everton long ball near penalty box and Richardson made volley shot unmarked from 7-8 meters after cross but ball was too high. Mahrez and Bernardo Silva struggled to combine, Algerian hold ball to long often and Portuguese hardly was involved in game. Best City player was Gundogan his passing was more aggressive than usual and German was good in tight paces unlike other players. First goal came after Mina made bad long pass on Everton half of pitch which was intercepted by Sane, Leroy made pass to unmarked Gabriel Jesus which won 1 vs 1 battle against Everton goalkeeper Pickford. After first goal City continued to attack but sloppy passing in final third didn’t allow to create chances. Only chance before half-time was created after multiple deflections in Everton penalty box Mahrez made shot from 13-14 meters. Second half started with City attacks and almost immediately Gabriel Jesus scored second goal with header after Sane lob pass. After second goal City relaxed and allowed Everton to have more possession. After rush challenge and bad clearance by Otamendi Everton scored with Calvert Lewin header after cross. Three minutes later Sterling who came for Sane scored header after Fernandinho cross, Raheem was left totally unmarked. In last 20 minutes of the game Everton created numerous chances mainly from Walker side who had poor game and looked tired, but also Otamendi with Delph struggled with their defensive duties but Ederson save combined with their misses didn’t allow Everton to score. City had numerous great situations in last 20 minutes but their final ball was bad. Two main positives for City were that Gabriel Jesus scored two goals after long drought and De Bruyne came on pitch for last 15 minutes after injury. City continue to be in title race with Liverpool.


Man City win their group

In home game against Hoffenheim Pep Guardiola was forced to make multiple changes because of players injuries. City started with 3 center-backs Otamendi, Laporte and Stones English center back played as right-back plus Zinchenko played as left-back. Gundogan played as number 6 with Bernardo Silva, Foden as numbers 8 in City attack played Jesus, Sane and Sterling. City started match nervously German club had not problem to bypass midfield and enter opposition penalty box, Stones looked uncomfortable as right back and often backed down when Hoffenheim players run at him from his position Kramaric made shot which was saved by tremendous Ederson save. Long shot from rebound after corner resulted in numerous deflections and ball arrived to German player, Laporte was forced to make foul inside penalty box and concede a penalty. Kramaric scored penalty and City were forced to overcame deficit. City struggled in possession with Gundogan unable to connect with forwards also Bernardo Silva with Foden were largely ineffective, Sterling and Sane dribbling attempts hardly helped create any chances, Gabriel Jesus was often left isolated. Zinchenko played in possession as midfielder but he too didn’t help plus Ukrainian player often made mistakes in defense. All City chances in first half were created from corners and free kicks, two of them resulted in hit post and Stones shot was saved by goalkeeper. City scored at last minutes of first half after tremendous free-kick by Sane from around 26-28 meters. After first half Guardiola changed Stones for Walker and Walker started to help more in attack with Sterling wasn’t forced to play against 2 or 3 Hoffenheim players by himself. City were able to pressure more German club but ultimately best City chances came after counter attacks Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva wasted great opportunities, City were able to score from quick attack after Sterling pass to Sane and German winger scored in 1vs1 situation against opposition goalkeeper. Foden was able to grew in game and had much better second half, he made numerous dangerous shots and created great chance for Sterling but his shot from 7-8 yards was wide. City conceded dangerous chance after long ball and miscommunication between Laporte and Zinchenko couple minutes later Delph came on for Zinchenko. For rest of game City had numerous great situations which didn’t materialized in great chances because of bad final passing, game ended 2-1 and City finished top of CL group. It was chaotic game in which best City chances came after corners, free kicks and counter attacks so it is hard to drew any conclusions about Pep side chances in playoff rounds of CL. City potential opponents in Round 16 are Atletico Madrid, Schalke, Roma and Ajax.


City suffer first League defeat

In away game against Chelsea Guardiola side wasn’t able to find ways to score against Chelsea. City played usual 4-3-3 with Delph as left-back but unusual for City tactic was use of Sterling as false 9. From start of the game City were extremely active in their pressing and didn’t allowed Chelsea to play from the back numerous times Man City won ball back close to Chelsea penalty box. City create first chance from left flank cross from that zone ended in Sterling miss hitting ball later Sterling again received ball centrally in penalty box but waited to long to shoot and gave pass to Mahrez Algerian shot was blocked. Later City intercepted ball wide and Sane was close to making shot from ten meters but was dispossessed by Luiz. After 20-25 minutes Sterling started playing on right and Mahrez played as false nine. City tried to play numerous long ball to Sane behind Azpilicueta after one of these passes Sane was able to outrun Spanish defender and pass ball back to David Silva to make shot but Silva shot was bad and intercepted by defenders. Couple minutes later Sterling dribbled past Alonso and made low cross to far post which reached Sane but German shot was blocked by Azpilicueta. City press didn’t allow Chelsea to create any chances in first 40 minutes but by end of first half Man City players were tired and allowed Chelsea to bypass their press in last minutes of first half after David Luiz diagonal long ball ball was played on other side were Walker leaved his zone but pass was blocked after couple of deflections Hazard made put back pass to Kante and French midfielder without problems scored goal from central zone his run failed to cover Sane. After half-time Chelsea became more dangerous and made numerous dangerous quick attacks Sane was substituted for Jesus and Sterling now player on the left and Mahrez on the right but two Silvas struggled to create chances all game and City had ball in non-threatening areas. David Silva was substituted after injury for Gundogan but City problems in attack continue any chances. Guardiola side didn’t made shot inside Chelsea penalty box in second half until 86 minute when City were already 2-0 down. Chelsea scored on 78 minute thanks to David Luiz header from questionable corner. Absence of De Bruyne and Aguero were felt in match as City lacked their individual quality to unlock Chelsea defense. Ultimately City had in first half couple great situations which their failed to materialize in great chances and conceded two goals from Chelsea half-chances. After this defeat Liverpool overtaken City on the top of the table and City must hope that soon return of De Bruyne with Aguero will help team return at the top.

during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on December 8, 2018 in London, United Kingdom.

Man City pass important test

Guardiola side get minimal away 2-1 against Watford which guarantees that City will remain top of the Premier League table. Man City coach made several changes in first 11 Delph played as left-back, Kompany, Stones as center-backs and Mahrez as right winger instead of Sterling. City started match actively with pressing Watford high to get ball quick and relying on attacks from the flanks and crosses to create chances which reminded Guardiola’s Bayern Munich. But first great chance came after Sane intercepted ball in the center of pitch and after quick run had one vs one against Watford goalkeeper Foster but his shot was saved. Couple minutes later Mahrez had big chance after Fernandinho through ball but again Foster saved Watford. Man City had interesting approach in terms of Bernardo Silva and Mahrez playing close to each other as two wingers from right side interchanging positions with one of them playing more inside. Watford attempts to play from back resulted in lost balls and dangerous situations which City failed to capitalize. After first 20 minutes game became more even and Watford even made some attacks after one of them Deeney had great chance his shot from six yard box was saved by Ederson. Between 20 and 40 minuted only chance that City had was when Gabriel Jesus get past Watford defender and shot from narrow angle. Score was opened after Mahrez cross which Sane ended scoring goal with his chest, that attack had another cross  from Mahrez right before goal which almost create big chance. After half time City scored second goal after Watford lost possession close to their box and Jesus pass from flank was scored by Mahrez. After second goal City controlled game and created numerous great chances that were wasted mainly by Gabriel Jesus. Guardiola was forced to change Kompany for Otamendi because of cramps. Only Delph mistake allowed Watford score goal, English international lost ball 25 meters from his goal and home side scored from cross after multiple deflections. In last 5 minutes Watford made numerous crosses from free kicks and corners which resulted only in header from Deeney that was saved without problems by Ederson. Guardiola will be disappointed that City were wasteful with their chances and relaxed after second which could cost them points, but fact that City were able to dominate away game against decent team without Aguero, De Bruyne, Sterling, Laporte and Mendy give City great prospects to defend the title.


Man City cruise past Bournemouth

Pep Guardiola made significant changes for game against Bournemouth Otamendi started instead of Stones, Zinchenko, Danilo was starting pair of full-backs, Gundogan started instead of David Silva and Gabriel Jesus instead Aguero. Bournemouth played with 5-4-1, formation with 5 defenders gave Guardiola Bayern and City biggest problems they often struggled create chances from flanks. City started game actively with trying create chances from wide thanks to Sane and Sterling but struggled to find space. Gundogan as number 8 rarely played forward passes, most dangerous moments were created when City played passes from Zinchenko and Laporte to Sane behind defenders. One of this attacks resulted in opening goal, Zinchenko made pass over the top to Sane behind Bournemouth full back Francis back, Sane made shot which was saved by Begovic and Bernardo Silva after rebound scored in empty net. Also City were close to score when Zinchenko made cross which Gabriel Jesus wasn’t able to get. Zinchenko playing as inverted full back helped City in attack and controlling possession. But after goal City hardly created anything and allowed visitors large spells of possession City defenders often looked nervous and made positional errors only Bournemouth lack of quality in final third didn’t allow them to create chances. City midfielders especially Gundogan made bad passes and often lost ball without pressure. In last 10-15 minutes of first half Man City gave Howe side control and in one of their attacks after cross from Francis Callum Wilson scored header after winning duel in Otamendi. In second half first 5-10 minutes City continued to be nervous and forced to make change after Zinchenko was injured by Fernandinho elbow for Delph. Raheem Sterling individual effort changed the game, English winger dribbled past 5 defenders and his shot after deflection hit post, couple minutes later he scored from six yard box after rebound which was result of Danilo shot and Begovic save. In next 15 minutes City created numerous dangerous situations but weren’t able to use them. Bournemouth main threat was from throw-ins which created panic in City box. Bournemouth contained Gabriel Jesus all game without problems and Brazilian striker was substituted for David Silva. Third goal came after corner, Sane made cross which was handled easily by visitors but Sane got rebound passed ball to David Silva and Spaniard made quick cut back pass inside box to Sane and German made low cross which was finished by Gundogan. After that Sane could scored fourth goal after great long ball by Laporte but Begovic saved Bournemouth. City weren’t at their best gave number of players rest but still were able to win and remain top of the table ahead of two away games against Watford and Chelsea.


Man City escape in France

City again struggled against Lyon after loss in Manchester to French club. Guardiola decided to play Zinchenko as left back, Stones, Laporte as starting center backs and Sterling played as central midfielder because of injuries suffered by De Bruyne, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva. In attack played Sane, Aguero and Mahrez. In possession Zinchenko played as midfielder to help City control the ball. In first 15 minutes Lyon started to play aggressive and made waves of attack. Lyon overloaded City left flank after which Depay from low cross miss hit the ball from six yard box. City answered with couple counter attacks which resulted in Mahrez shot that was blocked and another attack that resulted in shot that was saved by Lyon goalkeeper. City struggled with Lyon intensity Fernandinho made numerous fouls and got yellow card. Man City often had possession between defenders and struggled to create chances from positional attacks. After 30 minutes Lyon made two more dangerous quick attacks. First attack was saved by Laporte defender blocked shot from six yard box by Lyon player. In last minuted of first half Lyon made quick attack that ended in shot which hit the post. City were extremely lucky to end first half 0-0, score before half-time could be easily 2-0. In second half City played significantly better and controlled better game. Lyon scored after counter-attack when Fernandinho failed to intercept with his head high ball and Cornet scored goal with shot from outside box which was slightly deflected by Zinchenko attempt to block shot. City answered with Mahrez cross which resulted in Aguero header from six yards that was saved by Lyon goalkeeper. French club played in defense more. City scored after Sterling cross from free kick and deflection Laporte scored goal with header. Man City were close to score second goal but Aguero pass to Sane and Sterling who were open to score tap-in from six yard box but pass was blocked by Lyon defender. Delph came in last 20 minuted for Sane to help control the game. Lyon scored goal by Cornet after 1 vs 1 against Ederson which happened in positional attack. City were saved by Aguero header after Mahrez cross from corner. Man City were lucky to draw against Lyon they were completely outplayed and Guardiola experiment with Sterling in midfield failed. Zinchenko showed that he can’t defend as left-back. City now need draw against Hoffenheim at home to secure first place in Group F.


City cruise past West Ham

Pep Guardiola made few personal changes for West Ham game. Catalan coach started Otamendi instead of John Stones, Gundogan instead of Bernardo Silva because of Portuguese injury and Delph as left back instead of Mendy after French full back got long term injury. But City played usual 4-3-3 with Delph in possession acting as central midfielder often. West Ham started game actively, pressed high and tried attack wide with making number of crosses in City box but hardly created anything. After first minutes City established control of game and first dangerous moment was created after low cross from right by David Silva was stopped and ball got back to Spaniard after which Silva shot in near corner but shot was wide. After that on 11 minute after Sterling low cross and little deflection from West Ham defender David Silva was left wide open and scored from six yard box. City continued to attack from wide positions Aguero and Silva played wide near Sterling on some occasions and Gundogan played near Sane and tried to combine with him. On 19 minute after Sane left isolated against Zabaleta German winger made low cross which was finished by Sterling from six yard box. After second goal City conceded couple of chances. First chance came after Laporte was dispossessed in penalty box and Arnautovic shot from 15 meters which was saved by Walker tackle. In couple minutes time after West Ham press Gundogan was sloppy and give ball away in 40 meters from own goal. Arnautovic received ball and gave pass for shot from 20 meters which was saved by Ederson. City were then able to regain control of game in 34 minute after successful counter press by City Fernandinho gave great ball behind defender backs for Sterling and Raheem with one touch passed to Sane in six yard box after which German winger with his dummy fooled opponent defender with goalkeeper and scored in empty goal. For rest of game after third goal City coasted, only chance West Ham had in second half was after David Silva lost ball in midfield and London club after counter attack hit post. City scored fourth goal on last seconds, Leroy Sane scored volley from tight angle after Gabriel Jesus pass who came for Aguero in second half. Only problem with City was that Gundogan struggled in game as number eight, he made less passes than any player for City and largely struggled to be involved in team play. German even in easy game again showed that he is not capable to play on De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva level as attacking midfielder. After this win City remain top of the table and preparing for Champions League game against Lyon in good mood.


Man City get derby win

Man City won 3-1 against Man Utd without showing anywhere near their best level. Pep Guardiola decided to play with front three of Sterling, Aguero and Mahrez. City started actively on first minutes after combination on left wing David Silva made cut back to Aguero but Argentinian wasn’t able to hit ball from center of penalty box. City most their attacks made from left wing were combined Sterling, David Silva and Mendy, also Aguero helped on left sometimes. On 12 minute after Sterling cross from left and Bernardo Silva put back pass to David Silva Spaniard scored from six yard box, his shot deflected from Lindelof head. After first goal City became more passive. When City had possession played with back three of Walker, Stones, Laporte and Mendy played in more advanced position. Bernardo Silva was to deeper compared to David Silva. Bernardo and Mahrez played closer to touching line because Walker rarely helped attack. David Silva and Sterling on left side played more inside leaving space for Mendy runs. Aguero played closer to left and combined with Sterling and David Silva. United most of their attacks tried from left or right from City defense perspective. Martial and Shaw tried to combine between themselves but because Walker stayed deep and Bernardo great defensive work United didn’t create anything from their attacks. All Man United shots were from set pieces or blocked by City defenders. Fernandinho was free all match and Brazilian easily controlled game with his passing. City didn’t create anything until half time after first goal. After half time Aguero scored goal after one two combination with Mahrez. Argentinian scored from tight angle with powerful high shot over De Gea hands. After that Sterling get great opportunity to make score 3-0 but after Fernadinho pass English winger struggled to control ball. United scored from penalty after Ederson rush challenge on Lukaku in wide position. Martial scored for United. Guardiola reacted with substitution of Sane for Mahrez. After that Sterling started playing on right and Sane on left. United struggled to create chance after penalty and relied on long balls, crosses to threaten City defense. Second substitution was Gundogan for Aguero. After that Sterling played as false nine and Bernardo Silva on right wing. City struggled with final pass to create chances. Only after 44 pass combination and Bernardo cross to Gundogan City scored. German was completely open in opposition box, was able to take a touch and shoot from around six yard box. City won 3-1 without playing great offensive game. Most positive about City performance was that they didn’t allow United to create chances from open play and after conceded goal from penalty totally controlled game with their passing and killed game with third goal. After derby win City are top of the table and can look with optimism for next fixtures after international break.


Man City get important win

Man City get 6-0 win against Shakhtar and advance to Round 16 of Champions League. Scoreline suggest that it was easy game and City were dominant with creating plenty of chances but it wasn’t a case. Guardiola made three changes comparing to last game Zinchenko played as left back instead of Mendy, Mahrez started instead of Sane and Gabriel Jesus started instead of Aguero. City started match actively but lacked in final third. Zinchenko in possession played as central midfielder often playing long cross passes on other side to Mahrez. Shakhar forced City play wide blocking central areas. On one of these wide attacks Mahrez was able to make low cross from wide position inside six yard box which was finished by David Silva. David Silva in this game often struggled with final pass and City most dangerous situations came after press on Shakhtar half and Ukrainians losing ball. In one of these occasions Sterling passed to Gabriel Jesus and Brazilian was one against goalkeeper but he waited to long and his shot was blocked in tackle by Shakhtar defender. On other occasion after Shakhar lost ball Fernandinho made through ball to Sterling English winger was one against goalkeeper but when he was trying to hit ball his leg hit turf and he felt on ground, referee given penalty for non existent foul. Gabriel Jesus scored goal from penalty spot and ended his goal drought. City most passing was in non threatening areas between defender and midfielders they struggled to find space behind opponent midfield in positional attacks. Second half started with great Sterling goal, he dribbled past couple opponents in central zone and scored great goal outside penalty box. Fourth goal came from penalty after foul on David Silva. Gabriel Jesus again scored from penalty. Fifth goal came after counter attack and Gundogan pass who was substituted on to Mahrez, Algerian made shot to near post which goalkeeper failed to save. Six goal came at added time after Shakhtar lost ball in center of pitch Gabriel Jesus scored with chip over goalkeeper who was far from gates. Gabriel Jesus scored three goals but all game he was isolated and made only 16 pass attempts in whole game. City struggled in this game to create from positional attacks and almost all their chances came after lose balls and counter attacks combine with two penalties it made look this game far easier than it really was. Guardiola side most attacks were from wide and Shakhtar was successful blocking central areas. After this win City advance to Round 16 of competition and after Lyon draw against Hoffenheim with good chance to finish on first place of Group F.

during the Group F match of the UEFA Champions League between Manchester City and FC Shakhtar Donetsk at Etihad Stadium on November 7, 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Man City get easy win

Pep Guardiola side won 6-1 against Southampton without trying too hard. Man City played as usual 4-3-3 with David Silva playing more advanced role comparing to Bernardo Silva. City scored first goal after Southampton  lost ball close to their box and quick combination between Aguero, Davild Silva and Sane which resulted in own goal by Hoedt. City  scored second goal almost immediately after Sterling entered box without problem dribbled past Southampton defenders and gave pass inside six yard box which was finished by Aguero.on quick attack but Sergio Aguero was denied after Bernardo Silva through ball. Couple minutes later could score third after quick attack but Sergio Aguero was denied after Bernardo Silva through ball. Little later after Sterling cross and Leroy Sane failed header David Silva scored great volley from around 10 meters. City were extremely in attack interchanging positions. Sterling played on some occasion more inside and Bernardo Silva played closer to touching line, Leroy Sane too played more inside than usually when Mendy overlapped. Sterling and Sane for few minutes switched flanks on which they played. Sergio Aguero dropped deeper to link up with teammates and also pressed opposition defenders actively which resulted in two goals. After three goal in first 20 minuted City intensity dropped significantly and they let opposition hold ball and attach them. City defenders committed rush challenges, conceded unnecessary free kicks and corners. After rush challenge by Ederson Southampton earned penalty which was scored by Ings. City scored fourth goal before half time after Aguero successful press inside opposition penalty box and pass to Sterling in center of penalty box, first attempt by English winger was mishit but second attempt was successful . In second half City conceded numerous of shots, almost all chances came from Mendy side where French full back struggled to defend. Also Ederson mistake almost resulted in goal, Brazilian goalkeeper lost control of ball after shot but saved second attempt from Southampton player. City played on counter attacks in second half and had numerous great opportunities but City players like Aguero, Bernardo Silva hold ball too much on some occasions or like Sane because of poor first touch lost ball. Fifth City goal in 67 minutes came after quick combination between Sterling, Aguero and Sterling shot from angle between goalkeepers legs. Six goal came in added time after counter attack, Sterling pass to Sane and German great shot. City in this game conceded in this game more chances than in any other this season. Guardiola after match said that team wasn’t stable in defense and must improve. Positive from this game is that City were very good in possession, fluid in attack and made numerous great combinations but were to relaxed and careless after first 20 minutes of match. City are top of the league with two point advantage over Chelsea and Liverpool and can look with optimism for next league match against Man United at home in Sunday.


Man City showed resilience

Man City got extremely important win against Tottenham away 1-0 thanks to Mahrez goal on six minute. It was extremely tough game on terrible pitch where both teams weren’t able to show their best qualities. City started controlling game from the start and used Ederson long ball to bypass Spurs pressing, which combined with Trippier bad defending resulted in Sterling pass to Mahrez who scored in empty net. City controlled game and have other good opportunities in first half to score goal but miscommunication between players and bad final passes resulted in missed opportunities for team. Most dangerous shot from City in first half was from Mahrez which was saved by Lorris and deflected to post. David Silva was most important City player in attack he created most chances and was running City offense. Sterling played more advanced role with trying to use Trippier bad defending to his advantage. Bernardo Silva played much closer to Mahrez compared to David Silva and Sterling. Also Algerian played in less advanced role compared to English winger. Fernandinho helped City in build up, had very good passing game and was great in stopping numerous dangerous counterattacks including interception of Sissoko pass after Mendy mistake. Tottenham relied on long balls and passes behind the back to create chances. On two occasions in first half after Mendy and Laporte mistakes Spurs had great chances to score but Sissoko poor pass and Kane bad touch prevented them to make a shot. After first half in first 25 minutes of second half City controlled possession and should scored second goal but first Sterling shot from six yard box was blocked by Spurs defender after he beat Lloris and on other occasion Aguero made poor shot from around 12-13 meters. In both situations David Silva made bad decisions with Sterling chance Spaniard should shoot a ball in empty net instead of passing to Englishmen and in second situation Silva should passed to wide open Sterling instead of Aguero, Argentinian was poor in this game he made only 14 passes and struggled to link up with teammates. After substitutions Spurs forced City to defend in last 20 minutes but only dangerous moment for Tottenham came after Mahrez lost ball in City half but Lamela shot was too high, City in last 25 minuted didn’t make a shot and failed to create chances on numerous counterattacks after bad passes. Both City fullbacks Mendy and Walker were poor in this game with French defender committed numerous defensive mistakes and English full back made rush challenges, was caught out of position and made bad decisions in attack. City weren’t their best in this game, struggled with final actions in attack and made numerous defensive mistakes but still get important away win against top six side after which their return to the top of the Premier League table.


Man City get great win

After loss against Lyon City faced tough situation with two next group stage games were away against Hoffenheim and Shakhtar. But with two in a row win Guardiola side now are top of group. In game against Shakhtar they get convincing 3-0 win. City played with back three Stones, Otamendi, Laporte and used Mendy as wing back. Fernardinho, David Silva, De Bruyne played as midfielders and Sterling, Jesus, Mahrez as attackers. City first 15 minutes passed ball without threatening Shakhtar defense. Only problems City had was miscommunication on right side between Mahrez, De Bruyne and Stones which resulted once in dangerous quick attack from Ukrainian side. But after 15 minutes City started create dangerous attacks mainly from left side were combined Mendy, Sterling and David Silva. Sterling with his dribbling was able to enter box on multiple times and David Silva with his passing was able to progress ball to attack and create most chances in a team and from Mendy cross Mahrez shot from 12-13 meters and Shakhtar defender saved ball from line. City also had great chance after Shakhtar corner on quick attack but Mahrez missed a chance. Also David Silva hit a post after Mahrez pass from right with Gabriel Jesus missing after rebound. After combination on left Mendy passed to Jesus, Brazilian made a shot which was blocked and ball was deflected to David Silva who scored volley goal. City created multiple chances before half time but goal came from corner, De Bruyne delivery find Laporte who scored easy header. Belgian was poor in this game clearly struggling after return from injury. David Silva was best City player he was setting tempo for attacks and clearly connected Sterling, Jesus with rest of a team. Mahrez wasn’t as creative but he had multiple chances which Algerian missed or on one occasion was saved by defender from line after he beat goalkeeper. Man City in second half played on counterattacks and ceded possession to Ukrainian side. Sterling on one attack wasn’t able to control ball and failed to have one vs one against goalkeeper also David Silva shot was blocked by defender and Mahrez missed a little bit near post shot. City scored on counter attack from Bernardo Silva great shot after Mahrez pass. This was first touches from Portuguese after he came on pitch for De Bruyne. Also Sterling on last minutes hit a bar. Shakhtar created two chances in last minutes when score was 3-0. City get easy win and are in total control of their destiny in group stage with good chance to finish first.


Man City destroy Burnley

Guardiola team after international break get easy home win against Dyche side. Most unusual thing about City starting eleven was that John Stones played nominally as right back. Man City played 4with Kompany, Laporte as central defenders, Mendy as left back, Fernandinho, Bernardo, David Silva as midfielders Mahrez, Sane and Aguero as forwards.  Man City started game nervously with Laporte bad pass to Kompany that resulted in dangerous challenge by Belgian. In first minutes Burnley tried to press and disrupt City pressing. But after 10 minutes City midfield started to control game and create chances from flanks first after Mahrez passes and later created goal after David Silva combination with Sane in Burnley penalty box and Spaniard low cross to Aguero which Argentinian scored. Only problems for City defensively were that Kompany and Laporte lost numerous challenges  and Belgian looked nervous with committing rush challenges. David Silva was main creator in City, he positioned himself in left half space and combined with Sane and Aguero. Sane played advanced position and waited for Silva passes to advance in Burnley penalty box. German wasn’t involved in general play often. Mendy occasionally helped attack and made couple dangerous crosses. Stones played more as midfielder and helped Fernandinho to control midfield and prevent counterattacks. Englishman made 78 passes compared Mendy for compression made only 47 passes. Bernardo Silva played more advanced and central position compared to David Silva close to Aguero. Portuguese was less involved in general play and in 60 minutes before substitution made only 21 pass. Mahrez played as right winger given that Stones played more as midfielder and didn’t support attack as full back Algerian often dropped deeper to receive a ball. And with Bernardo playing centrally close to Aguero, Mahrez often left isolated against oppositions full back to create chances. Riyad created four chances for teammates joint top with David Silva which were wasted mainly by Aguero. Mahrez also was very active in general play Algerian made 78 passes. Aguero scored one goal but had bad game. Argentinian wasted number of great chances and his lack of passing and link up play destroyed couple dangerous attack for City. City wasted couple of great chances in first half and entered half time with only one goal advantage. Man City were able to kill of game after half time with controversial Bernardo Silva goal after David Silva passed ball which was out of pitch and Fernandinho great shot after rebound. In last ten minutes Mahrez scored four goal and Sane after Mendy low cross scored fifth. De Bruyne come back on the pitch from injury after substitution for Bernardo Silva when City lead 3-0. It was easy game for City with two worrying things for Guardiola side. first wastefulness by City players and second Kompany bad, nervous defending which also affected Laporte performance .


Guardiola chooses safe tactics

In away game against Liverpool Man City played extremely cautious and Guardiola pre-match comments that City will attack were statements that never materialized on the pitch. Man City played with usual personnel four nominal defenders, one defensive midfielder, two nominal attacking midfielders, two wingers and one forward but deployment was different comparing to other games. First 15 minutes Liverpool controlled ball, made multiple attacks and didn’t give City chance to play on Liverpool half, but Klopp side failed to create any dangerous chance only worry for Man City was that Fernandinho lost ball under pressure as Brazilian often does against Liverpool and give them opportunity for quick attack. Man City full backs didn’t go inside, stayed wide, Mendy on some occasions overlap and played more advanced with Laporte helping to defend against Salah, Walker played more deep because of Mane pace. Bernardo Silva played deeper to help advance ball to attack. David Silva essentially played as number 10 close to Aguero but City failed to bring ball to Spaniard. Liverpool played in mid block like in other City games and forced Man City to play wide. Portuguese midfielder was key for Man City to ensure better control of the game. Most of City possession was sterile between defenders, when City attackers got a ball Sterling, Mahrez or Aguero they often lost duels against Liverpool defenders.Liverpool and Man City played very safe, game first shots on target happened after 60 minutes. Best chances of game had Mahrez. Algerian shoot ball little wide after Silva pass, shot ball to near post which was saved by Becker and missed penalty in 85 minute. Guardiola changes of Gabriel Jesus, Sane for Sterling, Aguero made City attack more threatening. Gabriel Jesus dribbled past two Liverpool players and could have won penalty in duel against Lovren. Leroy Sane won penalty after Van Dijk failed tackle and generally German speed made defenders uncomfortable. Liverpool attacks didn’t produce one really great chance, Laporte and Stones  were City two best players. Guardiola in post-match interview admitted that City played extremely cautious. tried to slow down pace of game because of Liverpool front three and their dangerous counterattacks. Man City strategy was successful, Liverpool didn’t create one great chance, best chances in the game were in Man City. Guardiola first time didn’t loose at Anfield and City stayed top of the league on goal difference, with De Bruyne returning from injury after international break and are well positioned to fight for Premier League title.


Man City overcome Hoffenheim resistance

Guardiola team played traditional for him 4-3-3. Unusual thing was that Laporte played as left back with Otamendi and Kompany as center back pair. Man City starting midfield was Fernandinho, David Silva and Gundogan. Pep decided to play Sterling, Sane, Aguero in attack. Man City full back unlike in others game didn’t come inside Walker, Laporte stayed wide and most of the time close to Otamendi and Kompany. This was disastrous start for City when they conceded goal on first minute after failed attempt to make offside. Pretty quickly Aguero scored goal to even score after Leroy Sane pass and David Silva brilliant through ball to German midfielder which created opportunity. After Argentinian goal City created in counter attack another great opportunity, Sterling was one vs one against goalkeeper after another David Silva brilliant pass but Englishman failed to score goal. Man City struggled to open up Hoffenheim in positional attacks and weren’t able to connect with attacking players.Most of team passes were between defenders and in non threatening areas, only source of creativity and control was David Silva. Fernandinho had bad game he often lost ball like in game against Lyon and it created opportunities for quick attack against City. Laporte wasn’t convincing as left back and his mistakes couple of times almost cost goal. Otamendi and Kompany were to aggressive and committed stupid fouls. Belgian defender was rush, lost on numerous occasions orientation in space and showed lack of passing, technical quality. Gundogan again was bad as number eight, German midfielder lacks creativity in final third, too slow ball off ball and lost all physical battles. Ilkay in many games like this is non factor he contributes nothing in attack, defense and gets overrun by opposition midfielders. After first 25 minutes until 70 minute City struggled to create any chances, most of ball possessions was by defenders. Hoffenheim put all players with exception of 3 defenders in midfield and successfully disrupted rhythm, passing of Man City. Only after substitutions of Otamendi, Gundogan for Stones, Bernardo Silva Man City started to threaten German club and create dangerous situations. City started to play back 3 with Walker, Laporte, Kompany with Stones as defensive midfielder, Bernardo Silva as number 8. This allowed Guardiola side to move ball better and play closer to opposition box. City were denied stonewall penalty after goalkeeper foul on Sane and Aguero wasted couple of chances, Winning goal after Hoffenheim defender mistake when he was dispossessed by David Silva in penalty box and Spaniard scored. German side long ball and crosses attempts to score equalizer didn’t create any opportunity. Man City deservedly won on last minutes important Champions League game.


Man City continue Premier League winning streak

Man City won four league games in a row against Brighton at home without facing any serious problems. For Man City as left back started Zinchenko because of Delph injury and Mendy suspension for one week by Guardiola. Man City played when they had the ball 2-3-5 with Zinchenko, Walker played as inverted full backs helping Fernandinho to stop counterattacks and move ball to attacking players. On numerous occasions Zinchenko and Walker played long balls to other flank for isolated Sane, Sterling to penetrate Brighton defense. Largely Man City attacked wide and best chances were created from wide positions with exception of Aguero goal. David Silva played closer to Sane and played one twos with German winger that helped to enter in the box. Bernardo Silva played closer to Sterling but largely Portuguese midfielder was ineffective in this game. He wasn’t able to connect with Sterling on regular basis or with Aguero. Sane, Sterling played close to touchlines and made successful dribbling on numerous occasions but their final balls were inaccurate most of the time. Aguero often dropped deep to receive ball and combine with teammates. Argentinian striker often was isolated and didn’t have enough support in the box when team made numerous crosses. Aguero goal was result of his individual quality when he dribbled past numerous Brighton players and received one touch pass from Sterling. First Man City goal was result of quick counterattack when Brighton lost the ball in middle of a pitch Aguero received ball, made quick run, passed to Sane who supported attack from wide position and German made pass to Sterling for easy tap in after Englishman made quick run inside six yard box. Only danger from Brighton came when they attacked Walker flank and made crosses from there. Man City totally dominated game, enjoyed more than 80 percent of possession, made 28 shots and allowed only 4 shots. Worrying thing for City must be that quality of chances was pretty low and two goals came after two quick attack when Brighton lost balls. When City tried to create chances against opponent deep block their largely failed, with only one positional attack in game resulted in couple dangerous shots in a row. Man City get comfortable win but still team has big room for improvement.


Man City don’t meet resistance from Cardiff

Pep Guardiola side in away game against Cardiff won convincingly after suffering Champions League loss in home game against Lyon. Man City made three changes from last game Otamendi for Stones, Aguero for Gabriel Jesus and David Silva was left on the bench for Leroy Sane with Bernardo Silva playing in midfield instead of on wing as consequence of this change. Man City defense didn’t face any problems playing as a back four and when City had a ball they played with three defenders. Delph played as central midfielder, helped to advance ball and stop counter attacks from his position. Fernandinho wasn’t pressed by Cardiff and he had no problems in possession. Bernardo Silva played close to Raheem Sterling, combined with him and made overloads. Sometimes Portuguese dropped deep to help advance ball and positioned himself on occasions more centrally to connect with rest of a team especially Aguero. Bernardo provided assist for first Man City goal and scored second goal with great header. Ilkay Gundogan played in the most advanced position from all Man City midfielders. His position resembled David Silva from last season, with the only difference was that most of the game he didn’t combine with Leroy Sane and played more centrally. German midfielder made runs in the box and provided support for Sergio Aguero to form front two in moments when City made passes from wings. In second half Ilkay made runs behind defenders from Leroy Sane flank and provided assist for Mahrez goal in one of these runs, before this goal from similar run he almost created goal for Raheem Sterling. Sterling played as right winger, Englishmen created couple good opportunities, beat multiple time opponents with great dribbles and was constant threat. He sometimes dropped deep to advance ball, moved centrally to combine, provided assist for Gundogan goal and in second half after substitution of Aguero for Mahrez Sterling played as central forward and on occasions played centrally as number 10. English winger was instrumental in fourth goal with his through ball to Gundogan after which German assisted for Mahrez goal. Sergio Aguero played as central forward but wasn’t static, Argentinian was involved in team play, dropped deep, interchanged positions with Man City players in attack and was clinical when scored first team goal from Bernardo assist. Leroy Sane played as left winger, German played close to touchline and often was left isolated in one vs one situations against Cardiff defenders. Sane almost never moved centrally and hardly combine with rest of the team. His assist came after corner. German wasn’t interchanging positions unlike other Man City attackers and was least threatening. In second half Mahrez came on for Aguero, played on right wing, scored two goals and played best minutes for City until now. After this substitution Sterling played in Aguero position as forward. Foden came on for Gundogan, played as number 8, made good impression with creation of one good chance and one dangerous shot. Stones played as defensive midfielder after that he came on for Fernandinho. Man City in first 30 minutes struggled to create chances, but after 3 goals in last 15 minutes of first half intensity of Cardiff dropped and team created many great chances in second half. Most threatening players for City before goals were Sterling and Gundogan. This was an easy game for Pep side and the big difference in players quality was the key.


Pep Guardiola gets his tactics wrong

Man City in this season first Champions League game against Lyon at home showed weaknesses that become evident in games against Premier League sides in August. Instead of Guardiola because of suspension Mikel Arteta was head coach. Pep Guardiola decided to play Laporte, Stones as starting centre-backs, they didn’t have their best game, struggled to cope with opposition fast attacks and lost many physical duels against Lyon attackers. Man City full backs Delph, Walker were poor too, Walker was ineffective in attack on overlaps, passing was off, his inability to play with left foot often hurts tempo of combinations and barely helped in defense. Fabian Delph had horrible game, his miss of ball resulted in goal, also on couple occasions he gave free run for Lyon players on his flank, his contribution as inverted full back in teams passing was minimal and English player made couple ill advised long shots. Team midfield of Fernandinho, Gundogan and David Silva failed to control match, lost ball on numerous occasions and lacked creativity. Fernandinho lost two times ball on his half, which resulted in two goals on quick attacks. Brazilian midfielder played all minutes this season and in most games he was poor, his passing was bad, decision making was off and he looks tired after last season. Gundogan played as number 8 on De Bruyne, Silva position and again he was bad. German midfielder is not creative enough, he is too slow on ball, his passing is not threatening and he can’t cover enough ground defensively, which makes team make vulnerable. Guardiola for third season in a row persist playing German and in all three season worst games in terms of results and quality of football were with Gundogan in starting eleven. David Silva had one of his worsts games, he wasn’t able to connect with attacking players, Spaniard played closer to left most of the game and in last 20-25 minutes closer to right but his passing was off. Man City attack of Sterling, Jesus and Bernardo Silva struggled to create good chances. Raheem Sterling played on left wing and was most active in attack, made multiple shots, runs but it didn’t create one great chance and he was isolated often. Gabriel Jesus wasn’t provided with service, he often drop deep to link up with team and all his attempts to created chances with individual efforts failed short. Bernardo Silva as right winger wasn’t able to affect game, he is just to slow to be effective as winger and needs to be played in midfield. Second half substitutes of Sane, Aguero, Mahrez for Gundogan, Jesus and Sterling helped to make game more lively and Leroy Sane dribbling helped to create goal for Bernardo Silva. Aguero was able to make couple dangerous situations with his individual quality, but team still failed to create at least one great chance and was deservedly beaten. Players individual performances were disappointing, but main blame for defeat was on coaches, because it was obvious from starting line up what weaknesses and problems will it create in this game.

Картинки по запросу man city lyon

Man City get easy win

In home game against Fulham Man City get 3-0 win in which they easily could and should have scored at least two more goals. Pep Guardiola used 4-3-3 against London side, club wingers Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling played in positions that they used to play last season. English winger played on right wing and German on left wing, Sterling started this season on left wing. The only difference with the last season was that in De Bruyne position because of his injury played Bernardo Silva. Man City full backs Delph, Walker like last season played more inside and rarely overlapped, their role was to stop opposition counterattacks and help Fernandinho. Man City center backs Otamendi and Laporte were very good in defense and helped to play through Fulham occasional press without problems. Fernandinho played his best game of a season, he was key in first goal with his interception and assisted at 2nd minute of the game for Leroy Sane. Also Brazilian was very good in distribution and stopping Fulham attacks. Man City two attacking midfielders David and Bernardo Silva played close to City wingers, created overloads and made short passes with them. Occasionally they switched positions and Bernardo Silva played little bit more centrally than David Silva. Portuguese showed that he is much more suitable playing as number 8 or 10 than winger position and was deservedly named Man of the Match. Sane and Sterling were responsible for providing width and stretching Fulham defense. German was playing closer to touchline than Sterling, occasionally English winger played more centrally. Their two goals came from six yard boxes after quick attacks. Sane was more reliant on David Silva passing to provide threat, Sterling more often was able to threat opposition without help of Bernardo Silva. Sergio Aguero showed sharpness, provided assist for Sterling goal and dropped deeper to link up with the rest of the team. Argentinian clearly became more adaptable to Guardiola demands but light injury forced to change him for Gabriel Jesus at start of the second half. Brazilian wasted one great chance but also created great one for Bernardo and was good at pressing of opposition and link up play. It is hard to drew any long term conclusion from this game given how poor Fulham showed to be in defense at the start of season. First real test Man City will face in game against Liverpool in October, then we will get more answers to our questions and doubts about team strengths.


Man City overcomes Newcastle defense

In home game against Newcastle Pep Guardiola used even more attacking tactics and formation than last season. Difference with last season was that Raheem Sterling played on the left, also team used two forwards, two wingers, one attacking midfielder and starting center back partnership were Stones and Laporte. Before when Gabriel Jesus, Sergio Aguero started together, Man City played without wingers this time. Fernandinho played deepest position and was responsible for connection with attack, most times Brazilian midfielder struggled with his passing and was too slow on the ball. Raheem Sterling again showed in this game that he has improved his shot and scored goal that was unusual for him before but also this season Raheem Sterling doesn’t play in the box like last season and we don’t see his runs to score from close range. English winger played like Leroy Sane last season close to byline. Riyad Mahrez continued to struggle like Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva before him Algerian at the start didn’t fully understand how to play in Guardiola system and held the ball to much. David Silva played in number 10 and was trying to spread the ball around attack. Benjamin Mendy wasn’t as active in attack and rarely overlap, French full back played deeper and more centrally this time with Raheem Sterling being main attacking force on left side. Man City created 3 big chances in this game but worrying thing for Guardiola side must be that players were wasteful and two goals arrived from chances that you generally don’t expect to score. Man City struggled to create chances before last 30 minutes of game when Newcastle were chasing goal to get a draw. Also on set pieces delivery were bad from City players, they failed to create any chances from them. Most of the time Pep team lacked final third pass, possession was sterile, they clearly missed Kevin De Bruyne which could open up with his passing opposition defenses. Two most dangerous chances were created on counter attacks in open spaces. After this match we can say Guardiola clearly sees Stones, Laporte as main partnership in central defense. Reason for optimism is that Man City in this game compered to other games were better team, created more and better chances. Also without their best player team showed level of football as good as any other team in the league. Man City in first two seasons under Guardiola also started slow, so team even with two lost points is well positioned in title race.


Man City shows familiar weaknesses

In away game against Wolverhampton Manchester City weren’t able to show their usual level of performance. Pep Guardiola choice of starting line up was bizarre and problems which it created were extremely easy to predict. Vincent Kompany again showed lack of composure, passing and technical ability. Belgian committed stupid fouls, lost ball when he wasn’t even under pressure. Gundogan again was ineffective in number 8 position when he made his usual runs in the box from midfield as usual German couldn’t score and wasn’t able to create chances for others. He made wrong decisions and was too slow. David Silva also had a bad day. He wasn’t able to connect with Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva. Bernardo Silva like in the last season was average on wing, Portuguese is much more suitable to play in midfield as number 8, he doesn’t have enough pace to play as winger. Raheem Sterling was active on left wing where he didn’t play last season, but he lacked last pass to create goal. Most dangerous moment with his involvement was shot outside box, which Wolves goalkeeper saved and hit bar after his save. This second time in two games Englishmen showed his ability to be threat outside the box, which is clear improvement comparing to last season. Sergio Aguero was extremely unlucky. He often didn’t get a ball, struggled to link up with teammates but was close to score on three occasions, two times he hit woodwork and once from center of a box made bad shot. Most threatening play for Man City was Benjamin Mendy. French full back created two great chances for forwards which weren’t taken by Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus but he showed familiar weaknesses on defense. When Adama Traore was substituted on by Wolves, Mendy was forced to stay deep and City weren’t able to create great chance to score a goal until last minutes.Pep Guardiola substitutes weren’t able to influence game apart from Gabriel Jesus header. To summarize game Man City clearly created enough chances to win game, conceded handball which shouldn’t be allowed but also they clearly missed their best player Kevin De Bruyne which is team main weapon in creating chances and unlocking opponents defenses.


Pep Guardiola returns to his old idea

Man City in first home game of a season against Huddersfield started with 3 centrebacks and 2 forwards in Gabriel Jesus, Aguero. The only difference with the first games of last season was that Kyle Walker didn’t start and John Stones defensively was responsible for the flank. Overall it was mix of ideas, tactics that Man City used first month of last season before Benjamin Mendy injury. French full back was responsible for providing width on left flank of attack instead of winger like Sane last season. In possession team played 3-5-2 with Fernandinho as deepest midfielder, John Stones moved higher up a pitch to overload a flank and create isolation situations for  Mendy. David Silva played in right half space near Bernardo and made short passes with him near box to create chances. Gundogan played more inside recycle ball and leaving Mendy on flank 1v1 against opposition full back from where he made 12 crosses which were more than any other player on pitch. French full back got one assist from cross to Aguero in match and played vital role in other two team goals, second team goal of Gabriel Jesus was result of Mendy run and third team goal of Aguero was result of his cross plus goalkeeper mistake who couldn’t hold the ball. If this City continues to play this way for width in attack responsible Mendy club wingers will struggle for playing time benching of Sane, Mahrez, Sterling for this match is obvious example. Forwards in this system less often drop to midfield and occupy opposition center backs inside boxes. Gabriel Jesus played more central in this system while Aguero played closer to Bernardo, David Silva overloaded flank and interchanged passes with them. From left flank of attack Mendy is totally responsible for chance creation and his crosses is main way of team trying to create chances. In right flank of attack main way to create chances is short passes and dribbling of Bernardo Silva, David Silva, Aguero with occasional use of crosses. Convincing 6-1 win showed effectiveness of this tactics but Huddersfield decision to press home team all over pitch before first goal was big contributing factor to their demise. Of course 6 goals and 32 shots which is most in Guardiola era are encouraging but given level of opposition it is tough to predict if this tactics bring success to Man City  against tougher opposition. This tactics may be used to compensate for absence of Kevin De Bruyne because of knee injury, Gundogan inability to provide same creativity as Belgian and keep fast players like Sane, Mahrez, Sterling for later parts of the game when opposition is tired. Yesterday we were able see glimpses how City will attack teams that try sit deep and compensate for loss of De Bruyne but of course in next couple months Pep Guardiola will try new ways to perfect his team game in bid to defend title.


Arsenal Man City post match analysis

In first game of a season Man City changed tactical system comparing to last season from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2. In new formation full backs instead of wingers are responsible for providing width Mendy, Walker overlapped and crossed balls while wingers Sterling, Mahrez played more inside. Mendy in build up played delph role tucked inside and helped overcome arsenal press, meanwhile Walker together with Stones, Laporte created 3 man defense. French full back was successful in attacking aspect of his role providing two assists, but looked uncomfortable in central areas of pitch which resulted in loss of possessions and creation dangerous situations by Arsenal. Also were evident Fernandinho weaknesses under pressure which with Gundogan inability to influence game in number 8 position made tough for City to create good goal scoring opportunities, two best chances of the game were created as result of free kick and counterattack after Arsenal player missing ball  with Aguero having 1 on 1 situation against Cech. Main positive of the game was that without De Bruyne, David Silva and Sane Man City still managed to win the game showing new attributes of team but as last two years this game showed that Gundogan is not good enough in number 8 position as substitute for De Bruyne, Silva and level of team performances suffered significantly as a result. German is at his best in Man City as number 6 and can be used as cover for Fernandinho providing qualities in midfield in terms of passing, press resistance that Brazilian can’t do. Sterling played in new position compared to last season on left wing, he continued to play on high level as in the last season, scored goal and was dangerous when Arsenal defended deep. New CBs partnership Stones, Laporte had great game, they gave team new dimension in passing and were successful defending in big spaces against Arsenal. This game showed were Man City can become different, better with Mendy can make team more dangerous, providing new tools to attack, Stones and Laporte with their passing can help to control the ball. But also some familiar weaknesses were showed as well, lack of link up play by Aguero, Fernandinho problems dealing with opponents press and Gundogan lack of effectiveness in number 8 role which gave team problems to control the game and create many good chances. In team there are two players competing for starting spot, the formation team plays givehopes that two Man City youngsters Foden and Brahim Diaz will see more playing time, with Foden playing as substitute for Silva, De Bruyne given Gundogan weaknesses there and Brahim as substitute for Sterling on left wing if Guardiola continuous to insists that Mendy will be responsible for providing width and Sane will compete with Mahrez for the right wing spot. This season we can expect team to use new ways of attack, passing , defending in a way to win the second title in a row.


Manchester City strategy and place in world football


Looks like Man City will have same problems for third time. After winning Premier league City again they don’t improve quality of a squad, fix obvious weaknesses of a team that will hurt its chances to defend a title and more importantly to reach a level of Barcelona and Real Madrid to compete on regular basis for Champion League. Absence in the team attacker that can play in multiple positions on world class level and great central midfielder made team vulnerable to the press which was exploited in Champions League by Liverpool and end team dreams about winning Premier League and Champions League in the same season. If club inactivity in 2014 we can explain because of FFP sanctions, 2012 and this year reason for club lack of transfer activity is Man City board complacency. Club attempted lately to sign Jorginho, Fred to address midfield problem and Alexis Sanchez, Mbappe to increase talent level of attack and have more ways to hurt opposition but refused to pay required fees and salaries thinking that they were too expensive. Man City board new philosophy is that they only pay certain amount for players no higher than 60-70 million pounds and players must want to play only for Manchester City, if other clubs made players better financial offers players must refuse them and club will not improve initial package to match them. This is great philosophy on paper but it makes team weaker and doesn’t allow coach to fully implement his ideas on football pitch. Great talent of Pep Guardiola was enough to win Premier league and reach 100 points but in second half of season level of football significantly dropped, because lack of depth in midfield and attack De Bruyne, Fernandino, Sane played almost all games and were tired. Fernandinho weaknesses in passing, Sane in  tight spaces became obvious against Liverpool and were one of main reasons why club lost 5-1 in Champions League Quarter Finals. Transfer of Mahrez will help team to attack in more ways and to rest for others players. Algerian is good player who can play on multiple positions but hardly he will elevate club to a new level and allow to compete against Europe best.  Absence in team player of Golden Ball talent level damages team chances to become European Giant. Club is more consumed by PR in media than building squad of required quality. New portrayal of club in press hardly will make it more attractive to the players and help win trophies. Without willingness to pay big money for transfers and players salaries club will not be able to win Champions league. Best example of shortcomings of this philosophy is Bayern Munich which didn’t compete for best players in the world since Champions League win in 2013 and as result allowed Barcelona, Real Madrid with transfers of Bale, Neymar and Suarez to overtake itself. PSG with world record buys of Mbappe, Neymar in short and medium term and is best positioned club to win Champions League with latest evidence of need to pay the big amount of money to compete for all trophies. Juventus transfer of Ronaldo shows club that reaching Champions League final two times in the last four years recognizes need for game changer to win European trophy and player that will help increase its popularity and revenues. If Man City continues with current strategy and buys only players for certain prices it will have little chances to reach level of success of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Best hope for the club at the moment is that in academy will be such player as Messi, Ronaldo level and he will lead team to Champions League glory which is highly unlikely. Man City must change its transfer strategy or accept its place as second tier club in Europe with limited capacity to reach level popularity and revenues of Real Madrid and Barcelona that ensures long term future of the club.

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